Jim Morrison Kimono

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  1. carla rey

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    I'm not even sure this is vintage, but it is awesome! Looks like a normal silk kimono-esque robe in peach and then the surprise in the back?! Jim Morrison! nicely hand sewn, beautiful quality silk. I just had to share this one.

    2016-02-12 11.08.30.jpg 2016-02-12 11.08.59.jpg 2016-02-12 11.09.04.jpg 2016-02-12 11.09.15.jpg
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  2. Shygarden

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    That is really cool!
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  3. sewingmachinegirl

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  4. jauntyrooster

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    This is wacky and wild and totally amazing.
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  5. Lady Scarletts

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  7. Nicole Patricia

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    Thank you for sharing this precious adornment! Do you know who crafted this?
  8. carla rey

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    Not a clue Nicole! :no:
  9. reneesab

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    Wow if you ever sell this please let me know!
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  10. Jonathan

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    It looks like it's batik - I wonder if someone used an original kimono and did the batik afterwards in the early 70s...
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