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    Can anyone help in dating this dress? I bought it recently and have checked the database against Kerrybrooke and Sears, Roebuck and Company and there isn't any mention of Simpsons. This dress is in pristine condition apart from when you look inside at the hem; do hems normally have this finish? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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    I see 1970's. I wore one very much like it. I think the hem has been let down to make the dress longer. You can see threads where the hem used to be. Perhaps the owner preferred to put on new rayon hem tape to make the dress a bit longer.
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    Simpsons-Sears is the Canadian division of Sears. In 1952 an agreement was reached between Sears Roebuck in the U.S., and Simpson's in Canada. Sears took over the mail order side of the Simpson's business (which had always been a distant second to Eaton's) and built suburban malls across Canada wherever a Simpson's store didn't already exist. The agreement lasted for 25 years, at which point the names were changed on all the Canadian stores to just Sears in Canada.
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    Many thanks for this information. It would confirm from a previous reply that the dress is no later than the 70s.
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    Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

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