Late 50s..Early 60s? Dress. Take A Look, Please.

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  1. Need to pin down the date. It is a beautiful cotton dress. The fabric is great. Didn't even have to steam it. Back metal zipper, kickpleat. Had a belt but not now.<p>Keyword help appreciated. Colors are black, teal, and mustard gold. Don't know why it reminds me of stained glass.<br><br><center><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br></center>TIA
  2. Oh, and I forgot to say it is a nice large size . Bust 45", Waist 34 1/2 " and Hips 48". Really had to pin this one in back.
  3. bartondoll

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    first thought was 'stained glass'

    second thought was early 60s :)
  4. Thanks, Sue. Early 60s it is. Those late 50s, early 60s are so hard to differentiate. I think this would be so cool in the hot summer weather. The skirt is lined so you don't have to wear a hot slip underneath.
  5. bartondoll

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    Linda, it may be a cusper - the length could go either way. I think the fabric is more early 60s though (I may be wrong!)

    The larger size is a real plus (hee, no pun intended), on this.


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