Levi's Vintage-Inspired Knit T-Shirt

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    I know certain companies are using old images. 706 Union, Belafonte, Dry Bones, Groovin High, Style Eyes, Sun Surf, Levi's, etc., to make brand new knit t-shirts, shirts, jackets, etc.

    I couldn't resist this one since I have an original.


    Different back, though.


    Labels. Notice the "Styled In California", which is similar to old Catalina labels. Also, "Sportswear" is a very common label for a lot of those 40s and 50s knit shirts. Hitting all the bells and whistles.


  2. lindapoirier

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    So, Levi's is having a further sale... an additional 50% off sale prices. They only had XL left in those rocket t-shirts. Still priced at $55 after the additional 50% off. Yes, Levi's vintage collections are EXPENSIVE. Oh well.


    Notice Levi's shipping bags... Japanese Ranru. That is my Japanese vintage farmer's jacket on the left.

    Also, I notice Levi's are reproducing old jeans. Right now there are 1890s jeans, a couple of 30s , 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s jeans. All very VERY COOL and expensive. Some on sale with limited sizes left. Seems to be the USA site.

    They also carry Ranru jeans imported from Japan!

    Edit. I got another Space Cadet for $77.99! Yes, still that expensive with 60% off. They had been sold out but one came up because it was a return. It will make a great gift.
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