Life's a Beach-The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of August 3rd

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    Life's a Beach!

    Sea bathing was starting to be seen as healthy and gaining popularity in the 18th century. Whilst women wore cumbersome long “bathing gowns” that were more made for dipping in the water than actual swimming, men swam in the nude or in drawers. By the mid-19th century, men were required to cover up too and their swimwear evolved into full suits that went to below their knees and elbows. Women’s bathing suits then consisted of bloomers worn with a knee-length dress, and when the bloomers grew shorter, long black stockings were added. From the 1910s, swimwear for men and women gradually became shorter, more fitted and practical as actual swimming as well as a healthy-looking suntan became fashionable. By the 1930s, men’s swimwear was reduced to trunks without an attached top, and two-piece swimsuits for women started to show up. These were still quite modestly cut, and the bikini as we know it today, which was a lot briefer, was introduced in 1946 by Louis Réard. Since then, almost anything has come and gone in swimwear fashion, including monokinis and “budgie smugglers”.

    This week, our VFG members show us their best in swimwear, beachwear, cover-ups and all you need to make sure your life’s a beach!
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    Burda 2744_1.jpg
    1990s swimsuit and mini skirt pattern Burda 2744

    Simplicity 3687_1.jpg
    1980s beach holiday wadrobe pattern with bikini, skirt, top and harem pants - Simplicity 3687

    1950s b0y's swimming trunks pattern Ringier k60206

    1950s child's playsuit and jacket pattern Ringier k69381

    Simplicity 6418_1.jpg
    1970s toddler's playsuit, jumpsuit and bonnet pattern Simplicity 6418
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    Just listed in my Etsy shop, this 60s polka dot bikini t0p by Catalina California
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