Lingerie To Heat Up a Cold Winter Night ~ VFG Fashion Parade for week of January 28th

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    Lingerie To Heat Up a Cold Winter Night

    Whether sultry or sweet, your vintage lingerie choices include pieces like lace-trimmed slips, luxurious nightgown and peignoir sets, robes and kimonos, pajamas (for sleeping or for lounging) and structured “bombshell” bras and girdles. These pretty underpinnings will make you feel glamorous all throughout the year, and could also be nice surprise for your Valentine!

    From a 1933 Fifth Avenue Modes style book

    1964 Horst P. Horst for Vogue
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    40s Evelyn Pearson dressing gown

    40s ice blue satin bed jacket

    ca. 1950s embroidered rayon/silk satin kimono robe and pajama pants
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    Love lingerie! All photos are clickable links.

    From wicked:

    To angelic:

    Lingerie can come from designers like John Kloss:

    Or from classic Asian styles:

    And of course, lingerie comes in every color of the rainbow:
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