Lipstick Girl Vintage Needs help dating Saks Shoes

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  1. Lipstick Girl Vintage

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    Hi All! This is my very first post so please be kind as I try to figure all out. I have attached inserted several images of a pair of Saks shoes with Fenton Lasts and cute gold mesh/chainmail toes (Whiting & Davis?). I am new to all of this but seem to have the worst time with shoes! If anyone can help me date these I thank you in advance. If I am doing this wrong, please let me know as I am so excited to be a new member and be a part of this wonderful organization! Also if anyone can direct me to a site or forum on shoes I would be very appreciative.
    Lipstick Girl Vintage

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  2. Jonathan

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    middly 70s 74-75-76-77 If they were newer the toe shape would be more almond, and if they were older the heels would be blockier
  3. Lipstick Girl Vintage

    Lipstick Girl Vintage Trade Member

    Thank you so much! My first forum, and my first authoritative answer!
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    great shoes, and great to see you posting here, Diane!!
  5. Lipstick Girl Vintage

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    Thank You! I'm new and have so much to learn. I hate it when I can't put my finger on a solid date. I do OK with clothing (and welcome critiques of my website or my etsy store) but shoes really challenge me. And when I've googled (and googled and googled) I haven't found any in-depth resources--yet. I couldn't really even find any background on Fenton Lasts and I have a bunch of shoes with those. I am also apparently a total loser at social media. But I'm going to keep plodding along as I literally have tens of thousands of things I've collected over the years.
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  6. amandainvermont

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    The great thing about the members of the Vintage Fashion Guild is that so many are specialists in different areas - jewelry, Chanel, shoes, Victorian period, the 90's, hats etc. So we are all learning from each other.
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  7. Lipstick Girl Vintage

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    I genuinely hope that I can get to the point that I have something to contribute!
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