Lipstick on Your Collar . . . Told a Tale on You ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of February 13th

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    Inspired by the fantasy world of lipstick advertising across the decades, this week's parade presents lipstick colors! Showing items that reflect a color, literally or figuratively, from one of the myriad of vintage lipstick names; have a wild time finding "just the right shade" for your parade item.

    A sample of lip color names from the past include these creative monikers: Fire and Ice (Revlon), Cinnamon Heart - from the Penny Candy Reds line (Ultra Sheen), Raisin Rage (Revlon), GoldiLicks (Clairol), Platinum Meringue - from The Frosterinos line (Max Factor), Gay Flare (Elmo), Pink-a-Fling - from the California Pink-a-Pades line (Max Factor), Bachelor's Carnation (Revlon), Pink 'n Sassy or Pink 'n Sweet - from the Strike Me Pink line (Cutex), Breezy Peach (Max Factor), Coffee For Two - from the Cellophanes line (Yardley), Fudge Flicker - from the Lipshades line (Bonnie Bell), Dark 'n Handsome (Cutex), and the iconic Cherries In The Snow (Revlon).

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    70s/80s rose-print sundress

    70s jersey dress with ruched bodice and rhinestone accents by Young Edwardian for Arpeja - I love this color, often called ashes of roses

    And a 70s swing jacket in red Ultrasuede
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    Love what Mary Jane (Poppy's Vintage Clothing) did -- pairing the ads with her items!
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    A rockin' start to this parade!
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    Two different ads for Revlon's "Cherries in the Snow"



    Followed up with by this famous ad featuring then-supermodel, Dorian Leigh, for "Fire And Ice"

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