Looking for vintage bra's 1940s-1950s

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  1. Laura-Jane

    Laura-Jane Registered Guest


    I am currently searching for vintage brasseries from the 50s-60s. Where can I purchase these from in the UK?

    I am looking for good quality pieces which have good fabrics. The pieces that are most interesting to me, are the bra’s which have a mix of fabrics (lace, power mesh, elastic, satin, ribbon) and are without under wiring. They can be with or without straps.
  2. Pinkcoke

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    Hi Laura-Jane we have some members here in the UK who may respond with items, but for now I see that Candy Says has some like you are looking for available at the moment:

    I will have a look myself but I can only recall that I have a 70's bra like you describe at the moment..
  3. Elly Maggy Vintage

    Elly Maggy Vintage Registered Guest

    Hi Laura-Jane,

    I realise this thread is quite old and I don't know if you are still looking but I have a longline bra for sale, currently available in my Etsy shop. It is under-wired but it has a nice mix of fabrics (lace, velvet straps...).


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