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  1. emilyanneweber

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    Anyone familiar with Mardi Modes NY? I have a beaded peter-pan collar blouse that feels very 1940's/50's in a cold rayon type fabric but I can only find other items from the 1960's and beyond with their label. I see the same blouse in another color marked 1930's online but I'm not sure that's accurate. I've attached a photo of the tag, can provide photos of the blouse as well!

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    Yes please, let’s see the blouse!
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  3. emilyanneweber

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    it's definitely not so drab/dirty looking in person - more of a sea foam color, but so gorgeous besides the beading flaws!

    IMG_9848.jpg IMG_9849.jpg image.jpeg

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  4. Nancylou

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    I see 50s. Early, but wait for some experts to chime in!
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    The earliest Mardi Modes ad I found was from 1950, although they may have been around before that. I found this 1954 ad for a Mardi Modes blouse that looks very much like yours. The text that accompanied the image stated: "...exquisite rayon tissue faille crepe. The collar lavishly covered with pearls and rimmed with brilliants and a shower (of?) beaded motifs at the bosom. Powder blue, white, navy, or pink. $10.95"

  6. emilyanneweber

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    wow, incredible information! thank you SO much! sounds like this blouse to a T :)
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