McMullen Peter Pan collar blouses: 50s?

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    These are lovely fitted blouses that I recently acquired, I’m leaning towards 1950s? The 1940s and 1950s labels shown in our resource are very similar, the 1960s label is quite different . They are all tailored in a similar manner with vertical darts in front and back as well as bust darts. They have not been clipped behind the mannequin, what you see is their actual shaping. All are from McMullen of Glen Falls, NY. The plaid one has a square cut armscye. The khaki and the white ones are a beautiful Moygashel linen!

    5E418C09-FEFC-464A-A4BC-C0CA923238A2.jpeg 0C9ABE0B-AA1E-4C84-B30F-373737618822.jpeg C95F62D8-DB31-44F7-BC73-C777B81F2B87.jpeg 74D6C847-A026-4DF9-AFC6-22EF42995342.jpeg FE246088-7321-4346-B057-B7056EC2A6C3.jpeg C16C5865-2380-4187-8B0F-85BF7DFF10D1.jpeg 64F5A5E9-F6B8-48D5-A393-7F42E0B84F2A.jpeg CD34C0F3-8F0F-4C93-B00A-5F3DEC4523FD.jpeg CC398C50-E9A4-4B7F-AE36-65E16CDCC140.jpeg
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    Thank you, Karin! I have just found that Liza @Better Dresses Vintage had a very similar blouse to my yellow floral one (slightly different print) that was NWT in her store. She dated it as 1960s. Hmm.

    I also have this lovely McMullen shirtwaist dress in a wonderful gauze-y crinkle cotton:

    78396228-D38A-48D3-AF04-EFEC9C77517C.jpeg B9394718-8EAF-41D2-B457-56EF905CA192.jpeg
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    I agree that the label matches the earlier one, so I would go with '50's. Peter Pan collars were worn in the '60's, too. This is me in 1964. Linn in Villager - April 1964.jpg

    I think it was a Villager. I grew up not far from Glens Falls!
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    Linn, you look fab! I wish Peter Pan collar blouses were still widely available today, I remember wearing them as a girl in the 1960s. I've seen some contemporary similar blouses but nothing with quite the "right" look.

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