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    I usually get myself some Halloween jewelry. Found on Etsy. Based on a 15th - 16th Centuruy tunic design from Peru.

    Made 1985. I love the mouth. One funky cat!!!
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    That's amazing. I would wear those in a heartbeat.
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    These ARE amazing. I got them today. I swapped out the tarnished brass (?) chain for gold, though.

    I also bought these at the same time. They are like reverse-carved crystal?? Does anyone know exactly what they are? They are unbelievably beautiful in person. I also cleaned the sterling chain and swapped it out for a white gold chain. Your help would be appreciated, please and thank you.


    Edit. The earrings say " SILVER A" on the round screw top. The chain is marked "ITALY" on the clasp.
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    IMG_1085.JPG IMG_1086.JPG

    The other clasp on the necklace says 925 and "ITALY" under it.

    What year do you think this set is?

    Edit. All the sets online seem to be labeled "JAPAN" but I've seen no such marking on any of them. The chain might not be original to the set???
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