moth ball smell removal!!!! yay

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  1. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    Have you ever passed up a lovely piece because of the smell of mothballs?
    I always did until one day I fell in love with a garment and had to have it pong and all!
    Well I was told that the product 'Restoration' by Engleside is helpful in removing odors from vintage garments and although I had doubts because of the stubborn linger and cling on of the oils in moth balls, I gave it a try
    The item was a heavy wool blend coat..yeeks, I filled a bath with hot water and added a good amount of the 'restoration' powder..then after the water had cooled slightly I added the coat,determination was the key, knowing I would have one messy water drenched coat after.
    I repeated this procedure twice and after letting the coat dry naturally outside I could not beleive the smell had dissapeared!! since then I have used the product for moth ball odors and it worked again..I have more odor tips I will share, please ask if you need any .
  2. I have never tried that before!

    Does it have any restrictiosn as to fabric content??
  3. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    Hello there
    I have used it on most every type of fabric, it is designed for vintage linens and lace to remove yellowing
    I am reading from back and it says colour safe, fabric safe,enviromentaly safe. But does say not good for silks or woolen carpet, but I did use it on a wool coat.
    I purchased mine from ebay..they do have a web
    I just never found anything that removed moth ball smells, and I am ultra picky, I tried everything and couldnt stand the smell lurking in my laundry room!!!! this was the only product that worked so far for me
  4. vintageclothesline

    vintageclothesline Trade Member

    One thing I do to remove odors from non-washable items is to use newspaper. Put your garment in a big bag with crumpled up newspaper and leave for a day or so. Then throw away newspaper and add new.

    It works great for old purses that smell, too.
  5. themerchantsofvintage

    themerchantsofvintage Administrator Staff Member

    That's great - thanks for passing on that info. I have a few pieces that could use a treatment.

    Linda, I tried your newspaper trick and it works like a charm. Thx!
  6. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    brill thanks..I also heard that this product with volcanic ash works also, same idea leave in bag..but yet to use it
  7. bug12oz

    bug12oz Registered Guest

    I liked your suggestion about the newspaper too.....thank you

    Once moved next week, then I will definetly put that on my list of things I need to do.....have about 15 purses that smell, but are really cool looking...........
  8. Lucille1963

    Lucille1963 Member

    Thank you so much for this information. I recieved a real stinker from ebay yesterday. As soon as I opened the tyvek envelope I was overcome, and the dress in question was sealed in a ziplock bag!
  9. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    Nicole thats a gret scenerio which brings to mind a question I have always been dying to ask!!!
    Not everyone washes their vintage items;
    I would think if an item smells like moth balls or mold etc a person selling would let you know in auction but how do you folks approach the fact an item may have that vintage smell in general...should we expect people to understand that item is vintage and along comes the odor or???
    I find at times even after dry cleaning or using Dryell an item will have that odor lingering and then to be confined to a small package ( I am not one to believe in masking odor such as fabric softener sheets)
    Is it just part of the parcel that vintage does have a parfume all of its own or should we get into details incase a person is not familiar with buying vintage and or expects item to be dry cleaned and odor free (to avoid neg feedback from naive buyer)?
  10. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    I am sorry this should be in a different board, when I first joined I honestly only found the New visitor centre and got all excited!!!
    should I shift over to questions and answers?
  11. nolly

    nolly Registered Guest

    this is supposed to work also on stubborn odors and it is natural
    I know a person who swears by it..she puts garments in a lage bag/confined box with pouch and says odor eventually dissapears.

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