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My Cover Girl!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by Circa Vintage, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

  2. EndlessAlley

    EndlessAlley Alumni

    Fabulous promotion, Nicole!!! Well deserved congratulations :drinkingtoast:
  3. sues*stuff

    sues*stuff Trade Member

  4. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    oh, Nicole, that's wonderful! congratulations!
  5. Alleycats

    Alleycats Trade Member

    Good heavens! Congrats on that. You are famous. I'm going to buy a copy for sure.
  6. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  7. vintagedevotion

    vintagedevotion Trade Member

    Whoa! That's pretty amazing! Congrats, Nicole. May this bring you even more attention and success! :clapping:
  8. PersonalPursuits

    PersonalPursuits Trade Member

    Congratulations Nicole! Your on a fabulous roll :)
  9. vintspiration

    vintspiration Alumni

    Gorgeous and amazing! So happy for you!
  10. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix Trade Member

    Yes, it has been quite a roll for you in 2012, and here's to 2013 being even better!

    Congratulations on the dress being featured. That is so exciting!

  11. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Thanks everyone - it's pretty fabulous! It's been a big year for us, with relocating and restructuring the shop so it's great to have these big pieces of publicity. 2012 has lots of exciting things coming up, for sure.

    I should mention that this is the cover of Melbourne Bride, so other places will likely have their own covers.
  12. bartondoll

    bartondoll Trade Member

    That is awesome Nicole! :clapping::USETHUMBUP::clapping:
  13. sewingmachinegirl

    sewingmachinegirl Trade Member

    Wow Nicole- you are rocking the publicity at the moment, I reckon you might have to look to getting a P. A soon to help you deal with all this media attention! :cheer:
  14. MissRita

    MissRita Guest

    Wow, you're on a roll Nicole. Keep the good news coming! :cheer:
  15. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great! The photos are really beautiful - I hope it will make a few women think about buying vintage for their wedding! I keep seeing so many spectacular vintage wedding dresses - especially 30s to 50s - that I think are just so much nicer than anything modern, no matter if you like it long or short, frilly or sleek...

  16. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Just saw this. Fabulous. Congratulations.
  17. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Thank you!
  18. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer Trade Member

    The dress is lovely and you deserve many congrats! I know you worked hard for it. And, yes, we are going to Melbourne in Nov. so I have to find your shop. C
  19. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Please do Claire! Are you doing any presentations whilst you're here? I'd love to learn from you.

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