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My latest platform shoes! Wow!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by Roxy De La Lune, May 17, 2006.

  1. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    As some of you may have noticed, platform shoes are my thing!:USETHUMBUP:

    I just had to post a pic of my latest buy!:love008::kiss2:
  2. NovaFashions

    NovaFashions Trade Member

    Those are fabulous! :)
  3. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    I know! They're my dream shoes! So glad I bought them:D
  4. NovaFashions

    NovaFashions Trade Member

    I think the best thing about platforms, besides some of the great styles, is that they are usually reasonably comfortable too.
  5. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    I agree:eureka: Especially the Oxford style:bouncing:
  6. I am a platform junkie as well.

    Are those new or vintage??
    If they are new...i have to go look for shoes like that..maybe in a different color too!

  7. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi Chris,

    They are vintage :bouncy: (genuine 1970's)

    The make is Dolcis.

    You can still buy that make, but the logo is different now.

    I bought them from a vintage site:love008:
  8. NovaFashions

    NovaFashions Trade Member

    You're not excited are you? :bouncing:

    You gave me a smile.
    It's so exciting isn't it.... to find something you really like.

    I know just how you feel. :)
  9. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi Lynn!

    Lol! How did you guess! Yes, I am excited:bouncy:

    I love coming to this site and posting my latest buys and looking at what other people have bought.

    Everyone is friendly and has time to give each other a nice word. It's really cool.

    Most of the people in my daily life would have no interest in my (young, but growing!) collection. In fact, if I talked to them about it they would probably be interested for one minute then be bored:no:

    My partner and my parents love hearing though - they are lovely:kiss2:

    As you said, you know how I feel, and that's exactly why this site is so wonderful.

    Keep up the good work VFG peeps!:USETHUMBUP:
  10. emmapeelpants

    emmapeelpants Alumni

    I wore a pair of platforms on a night out in London for the first time since my early teens (my first pair of vintage ones certainly) and I felt SO GOOD....I got so much attention and I swear it was these amazing, unusual shoes.

    I managed to get the red pair I needed, now I just need to break them in properly. The ones above were NOS, these AREN'T *wince*

  11. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Hi Liz,

    Did you post a pic just now? I can't see it:no:

    I've got to see the shoes you're talking about lol!

    I've just added you to my fave shops on eBay:USETHUMBUP:

    I've only been an eBay member for a couple of months but I'm hooked on it already!
  12. emmapeelpants

    emmapeelpants Alumni

    I don't have my own photos yet, because they're going nowhere ;) - but these were the auction photos

    The ones I wore the other day:-

    <img src="http://img.inkfrog.com/pix/talentedamateur/91_1_b.JPG">

    And the red ones I need to break in...

    <img src="http://img.inkfrog.com/pix/talentedamateur/a2_1_b.JPG">

    I love those ones you have above!! What size are you? I've got this pair which are a size 4 I think.....

    <img src="http://img.inkfrog.com/pix/talentedamateur/greyplatforms1.JPG">

  13. I love them all.

    I had a great pair of navy blue fabric covered platform pumps. They were later, 90s doing 70s doing 40s lol. Sadly, when Ollie was into the "i eat everything" puppy stage, he chewed one of them! I still have my screaming lime green 70s platforms, but i want to find an everyday pair of navy ones again.
  14. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Wow! All three pairs are cool, but the red ones are fab! I want to get some like that too!:bouncing:
  15. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    Mmm, I LOVE platforms too. They are the only shoes that make my back stop hurting. It's annoying the comments you get though when they see a 5'9" girl wearing them. Like if your tall, your're not allowed to wear them?:USEGUN:

  16. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Some people are daft aren't they?

    Everyone should be able to wear what they like without people being rude.

    I'm amazed at the glares & stares I get when I wear fishnet tights! (Which is most days lol!)

    Maybe it's just the people in the town I live in now? I never had a problem when I lived in the Lake District.

    You are lucky to be tall though! I'm 5'3" so platforms are a boon sometimes.
  17. Roxy De La Lune

    Roxy De La Lune Registered Guest

    Would you believe it?

    I've now got TWO pairs of these shoes!!!!:D:smug:

    The second pair aren't Dolics though - they say 'Young Colony' in them:cool:
  18. That's cool

    I jsut missed a pair of platforms I wanted recently. better lucj next time :(
  19. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

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