Name the big fish that got away...

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  1. I've been struggling with my own number of "I never find" items, for a few days. Being a lover of tragedies, psycho-thrillers, and such, here's an ugly reverse... What were the big ones that got away? Mine are numerous and too many, I'm sure, are beyond my consciousness. Some may just be buried in the subconscious awaiting psychotherapeutic retrieval, but... :)

    I should have known when a vintage-70s, YSL, midnight-blue, cotton, velvet blazer sold within minutes of listing at its Buy It Now of $34.99 that I'd miscalculated. Instead, I relisted it, after receiving no response from this otherwise-apparently-savvy but none-too-responsive buyer, at the same price, and found--wonder of wonders--another Buy It Now purchase (with many, gushing words of thanks) within minutes (and still prior to the listing even showing up in active searches).

    There are more...

  2. vintspiration

    vintspiration Alumni

    I can't think of one of mine but off the top of head my sister had a Courreges (I always spell it wrong) mini dress that was just the height of cuteness in purple with a funky butterfly print and she sold it for a really, really bargain price of like $20. I always think of that and wish I had told her to hold onto it.
  3. Leisa

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    A bit off base here - like that's new from me. ;)

    But when I first moved here, we went to a thrift store & they had like 4 Pullitzer shifts & a couple of Vested Gentresses.

    The guy put them back for me, but I didn't find a job in a timely manner & he had to put them back out. So I missed out on 6 good $$ makers.

    I've sold quite a few items for a LOT less than I had hoped for. For a LOT less than what they were worth. But after relisting them 3 times, I just gave up. :(

    Not any more, tho. I'd rather give them to Goodwill than sell them for nuthin. Unless I can wear them, of course. LOL
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    My worst one that got away was a 1920s silk chiffon dress by CHanel. It was at a sale in Toronto about 15 years ago. I seem to recall that it was $65.00. I was working the rack and passed it by not seeing the label, but a woman hot on my heels saw it and pulled it, and that was when I saw the label - as she was inspecting it! THe nerve of this woman was to actually ask the dealer for a reduced price! I leaned in and said I would pay the full price...
  5. *wincing in pain* :mad:
  6. cherry-pie-and-roses

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    Actually, my big fishes that got away were vintage cars - attributable to my own stupidity.

    1969 Jaguar XKE bypassed for $1900 because there wasn't a Jag dealership in town or nearby and I anticipated too much trouble getting it repaired when needed.

    1966 Corvette hardtop convertible which I actually owned but sold because I kept having problems with the brakes and was irritated about it.

  7. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    Mine was, you guessed it, a corset ( a spoon busk one none the less) about 4 years ago. I was the high bidder until one of my good friends sniped me at the last second! She got it for a bargain $128.
    Ooooo, I could have strangled her but she did make me a copy of it to wear and I know I can see it whenever I want. LOL, we have since made a pact never to bid on stuff each other wants! :)

    Here it is:

    <img src="">
  8. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    hee hee -- I know who you are talking about Lei!
  9. Oh, my gosh, that is beautiful, Lei!

    ...and Brenda, you bring to mind my stupid, trying-to-be-uber-polite-after-my-boyfriend-wrecked-my-1977-Mustang refusal to accept his mother's dreamy, mint-condition, 1965 Mustang as an offering. Doh! :)
  10. emmapeelpants

    emmapeelpants Alumni

    For me, it would be the Ossie Clark that went for £35. A seller in Germany, was finishing early hours of the morning so I set up a snipe - then happened to wake up anyway. Sat and watched the end of the auction - thinking, yay - I'll be the winning bidder soon......nothing. Sniper didn't work and it went for 60 odd euros. I wept, and sulked for a week. Even thinking about it now brings me out in a rash.....silly really.....

  11. fuzzylizzie

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    I went to an exhibit at the Atlanta History Center last week, and they had your corset on display. The name of the exhibit was "Gone with the Girdle" and one of the corsets was identical to that one! I actually thought of you as I was sketching it!

    In the very early days of Ebay I auctioned a 70s Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress. It sold for about $17. I thought I was going to cry, as I was hesitant about selling it anyway. To make it worse, DVF re-released that dress months later, and then the vintage ones were selling for about $150!


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