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Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Melody's closet, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Melody's closet

    Melody's closet Registered Guest

    I need help fining out more about RN 19001 Spotlight Co Inc Allentown pa. I have a gorgeous lingerie peignoir set from this company there is no care instructions or company name on the label just the rn number but i am not getting anywhere with searching it. This has been on going at one point it was told to me that they made Hollywood movie costume lingerie but i cannot find any good evidence of that, does anyone have any input? I am certain it is late 40's to 1957 and the company appears to have registered in 1948 it really appears unworn or only worn a few times the tags are pretty intact, the garment isn't special i mean it is very nice gorgeous sheer and embroidered, the embroidered part is probably the most unique part of it but just looking at it doesn't scream out anything particularly. Any leads would be great

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  2. Sorry but I find all caps hard to read. Would it be possible to edit you post to upper and lower case? Thanks.
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  3. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    I have edited her post for her to make it legible.
  4. Melody's closet

    Melody's closet Registered Guest

  5. Melody's closet

    Melody's closet Registered Guest

    I am going to take some pictures in a bit although I am not sure that they will bring much incite to it the only thing that really sticks out to me is that the front of the robe is embroidered and the tags are at the neck but very vague
  6. Melody's closet

    Melody's closet Registered Guest

    Sorry I hate it too, I was listing something on ebay and trying to handle phone-calls while I was putting this up here and just kept plugging away like I was still on there. I have a masters in history social science ed. I should know better than to be so unkind, I just gave a student a 0 for turning in a draft that was all in capital SMH
  7. Luna Junction

    Luna Junction Trade Member

    Yup. More pics would help, along with a pic of the label
  8. MaryLC

    MaryLC Registered Guest

    This took me down a very deep rabbit hole ! From searching the newspaper archives I was able to determine that Jules Seiff owned this company which operated in both Allentown PA and in NYC. His sons Bruce and Leslie worked for the company, Bruce being listed as VP and Leslie as Secretary. I couldn't find any specific info on the company itself. If you Google Bruce Seiff or Leslie Seiff they come up with several social media sites. Maybe you could reach out to them for more info. Hope this helps !

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