Need help: vintage lace petticoat info

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  1. Dusty Butterfly

    Dusty Butterfly Registered Guest

    Hi! I was hoping to get some help dating this vintage petticoat, and also identifying what type of lace it is.

    It's semi-sheer muslin -- linen I believe, or possibly silk (?) - with I believe cotton netting + embroidery on the muslin & on the netting

    The closure in the back has 3 small snaps + a new looking 1/2" flat hook & eye.

    I'm not sure if it's "lace" or just embroidery. I looked online (link removed by admin) but didn't see anything super close to this.

    I'm novice with this type of garment so any help much appreciated, thanks!


    IMG_6478005.jpg close up.jpg
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  2. The Vintage Vendeuse

    The Vintage Vendeuse Trade Member

    I'm no expert with antique clothing but I'm going to suggest this could possibly be a part of an Edwardian tea blouse/skirt set.
    Wait for others with more experience in this area to weigh in, though.
    It's lovely!
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  3. Dusty Butterfly

    Dusty Butterfly Registered Guest

    Thanks! Ok I'll wait to see if anyone else has more info. Thank you for replying & for the input :)
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  4. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix Trade Member

    These can be a bit tricky to date from a photo, for sure. If it is antique, I think it is later than Edwardian. Maybe mid 'Teens to WWI era, and could have been part of an ensemble dress, meant to be worn under a skirt or dress with the bottom hem allowed to show. Or with an overblouse that covered the hips? Probably made of a linen or cotton batiste. How tall is your mannequin, or how long is the skirt?

    Can you show a close up of the back closure area and the gathers around the waist? That might help in dating it.
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  5. Dusty Butterfly

    Dusty Butterfly Registered Guest

    Thanks very much Barbara!

    So you think it might not strictly be a petticoat, but an under layer for an ensemble that would peek out on the lower portion, if I have that right?

    My gut feeling at first was 20s-30s due to the design of the lace work - seems art deco-ish, or at least more "modern" than turn of the century, so your thoughts reinforce that idea.

    Right, batiste, & on closer inspection I'm pretty sure it's linen due to the way it moves - slinkier than cotton.

    It's 38" from waist to longest point on hem. Mannequin is 5'9"-5'10", so it probably would have been ankle length or longer for a lady back then.

    I don't see any stamps on the hardware.

    Adding more pics - let me know if you see any clues





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  6. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    So beautiful.
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  7. Dusty Butterfly

    Dusty Butterfly Registered Guest

    Thank you :)

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