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Need help with Chanel scarf is it Fake ?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Craig, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. Craig

    Craig Registered Guest

    Hi I have been passed down several Scarves that I would like to sell on but want to check if they are real or fake, Hopefully someone can help with these photos

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  2. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Craig, welcome to the VFG forums.

    We can't help with 'real or fake' questions here, sorry to disappoint. See rule 5 of our forum rules
  3. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    If the hem is machine made, it's a fake.
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  4. Craig

    Craig Registered Guest

    Sorry my mistake I registered because whilst searching for answers on google I came across a thread on here that was asking similar questions about a different scarf
  5. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    yes, we have many visitors who are simply looking for answers who haven't taken the time to read our forum suggestions first. It happens, no worries.

    If you feel they may be real, you may want to try to email the company directly to ask them, or if there is a boutique near you, take them in and ask a customer service representative for their assistance.

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