Need your help with these boots ~

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by bigchief, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. bigchief

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    <img src="" width=481 height=556>

    <i>So</i> 70's and not a style that's remotely trendy this season - but there must be a market for them, right? :) They're new old stock. The legs are stretchy, slightly sheer mesh.

    Here's how they look on the hoof, as it were ~ the actual color of the boots is much closer to the pic above.

    <img src="" width=330 height=504>

    Title ideas? Any thoughts at all?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Leisa

    Leisa Registered Guest


    I think they're more 60s than 70s - very MOD!

    What cool boots you have, Carolyn. ;)

    Certainly I would say the mod crowd will kill each other for these.

    Lucky you.
    Keep us posted!
  3. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    In 74 I had a pair of suede boots that laced up like those. I was sooo cool!!

    Carolyn I think If I was you I would wait till about August perfect for the fall!
  4. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Trade Member

    fall - oh yeah! Spectator boots? Two Tone? Based on memory alone - and that can be faulty-I am thinking 1968 - 1972 or so.

  5. dancingdresses

    dancingdresses Registered Guest

    Carolyn -

    I'm with Hollis on the date timeframe.
    I'm lousy on titling. A gallery pic of the "on the hoof" shot speaks a thousand words.

    As for "a style that's not remotely trendy" . . .
    I've been thinking a lot about "trendy" lately and that may be one of the problems with sales on eBay for the last year or so. (?)

    There are huge discussions on "trends" everywhere . . . then we all run out to find the trendy vintage . . . 567 people list similar trendy things . . . your auction gets lost in the crush . . . sell-through gets stinky.
    I've always thought "different" is better. I think that's why a lot of people shop on eBay to begin with and in vintage, in particular - to find something different.

    You might be surprised at how well they do.
  6. bigchief

    bigchief Alumni

    I've wondered the same thing, Carolyne - by the time the trend is in the stores (& on Ebay in vintage) it's essentially over... excellent point & thanks for reminding me (& everyone).

    And thank you everyone for your help. Fall, eh? (*sniff*) Guess I'll have to turn to the mountian of Spring/Summer stock I have here :)

  7. I think they're KILLER mod, too, and I can see listing with success right now. The stretchy mesh actually makes them seem spring-y/summer-y to me. BEST Chocolate MOD Lace Up Spectator Boots?

  8. Vintagetrend

    Vintagetrend Registered Guest

    These boots were made for walking.... Oh so Nancy Sinatra! With a kick!
    I love the spectator feel about them, they have rich girl does mod ALL over them. I think they would sell well now but you may see as much as 50% more later in the year.
    I can see Kate Moss in these or any of the other vintage loving models. Stylish, yet comfortable and seem to be a cut above the rest of the "mod gogo" boot crowd...

  9. schoolsgirl

    schoolsgirl Registered Guest

    Im drooling!
    Love those boots!
  10. bigchief

    bigchief Alumni

    <b>Hey Michelle!</b> - Good to see you!

    And thanks for your great comments. I'm torn... list now or list later (say, August)?? I agree with Steph about the stretchy mesh - it really is spring-like. And if I can finagle the term 'spectator' in there, well it's so Now and Wow and what have you. But you have the most amazing instincts about the marketplace... what to do, what to do?

    Eh, I'll figure it out :)

    Thanks again everyone - but Liz, kindly stop drooling on my boots else I'll have to revise my Condition Report!

  11. bigchief

    bigchief Alumni

    Well, I took the plunge and listed the boots - with a healthy reserve. If they don't sell now, I'll banish them til August.

    Thanks for your help with them, and if anything about the auction strikes you as 'off' or just plain embarassing -- don't be shy, let me know!


  12. pastperfect2

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  13. schoolsgirl

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