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NEW TO THE FORUMS? Please Introduce Yourself Here 2018

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Information Center - Welcome to the Forums' started by pinky-a-gogo, Apr 8, 2018.

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  1. Chiquita

    Chiquita Registered Guest

    Hi everyone. I got into vintage recently when I went to a vintage shop to browse. Saw a lovely skirt that was unique that I really liked and returned a week later when the store sent me a virtual coupon for 40% off. I was lucky they still had it and purchased it. I joined their reward program and received another coupon so I had to return. This time it was BOGO and I bought a beaded blouse and looked around and left with a vintage handbag. When I got home, I opened the purse to get who the designer was and found John Romain stamped with 7-71. That’s when I fell in love with vintage and started hitting the thrift shops and garage sales. I’ve found some things that are vintage and trying to date them and found some duds as well that are vintage inspired. Now I really wish I had saved my mom’s clothes and handbags. I’ve posted a few pics below. The owner of the vintage shop told me the skirt was made in Europe in the 30s handmade. There are no tags or care instructions. Stitching is beautiful and that’s what sold me in the purse.

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  2. Ambitron15

    Ambitron15 Registered Guest

    Hey everyone! I’m out in California stateside. I’m excited to build my knowledge on vintage fashion peices :D
  3. Zorica Zrnic

    Zorica Zrnic Registered Guest

    Hello! Pleased to find this forum and have found the information from Vintage Fashion Guild very useful.

    A little about me. I am from Belgrade. There, vintage fashion more or less is non existent. I was always into post punk and rock and roll growing up and my brother was a musician in London so I came here 20 years ago. I think that vintage fashion is a natural progression from this as you can't wear New Rock boots when you get older you want something a little more sophisticated! I was surprised to find London in general wasn't the great fashion centre it had been on visits there earlier. Kensington Market had gone and Camden had become very commercial. My forays into vintage and retro scenes have found tea dresses and cream teas (which is very nice but not me I am a bit more 'femme fatale' ha ha) , and retro fashions in poor materials. So I have ended up starting creating my own retro designs , millinery etc in more luxurious fabrics, and selling them in a small way, and also collecting and selling really nice pieces from the 1930s to the 1980s. Swansdown and Mugler are my favourites but I also love Lilli Ann, Suzy Perette etc. I started my website doing jewellery which I still do a little but interest was more in the fashion. So exhibited for the first time at Goodwood Revival last year and will be back there this September. Was pleased to dress some finalists in the Best Dressed there and also have done so for the horse races etc.

    The video is a promo competition I have just set so feel free to enter - if you have a taste for Film Noir you will do well!

    edited by Admin: please review our forum rules which can be found here.

    This is me modelling (I can't afford models and photographers yet!) a Swansdown jacket with a skirt I designed myself. Black velvet and black cross mink tail original vintage hat, vintage gloves, Ralph Lauren runway used shoes, and retro pagoda parasol all in stock too. Photo was taken on cameraphone on a day out at Brooklands Museum by my partner David who is a Fashion stylist and also Fine Artist. So only just starting but have had a good reception so far. Looking forward to meeting other vintage fashion fans here. :)


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  4. sacto dave

    sacto dave Registered Guest

    Hi! Like others, I am a member of many forums. Fountain pens, sail boats, guns, etc. my bride of 20 years is puzzled by a piece of jewelry she inherited. Thank you in advance for the generous assistance so typical in all these venues!
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  5. Thalia Anne

    Thalia Anne Registered Guest

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm here to learn about fashion, I'm hoping you guys will impart of some of your knowledge in fashion. Please welcome me. :)
  6. Carole Lombaire

    Carole Lombaire Registered Guest

    Hi everyone ! I'm Carole, from Paris (France) ; I am 29, and have been a vintage fashion lover for years ! (Although, I must say that I believe more than I practice ... I guess this is due to years of strict school uniform rules !). My goal for 2018 is to wear what I like and want to wear, and not only jump in a comfortable pair of jeans due to lack of time (or lazyness oopsemoti).

    I used to be part of a retro & vintage fashion forum years ago, but as this forum has now disappeared, I hope to find here new vintage & retro lovers to discuss with, and find some inspiration !
  7. Tarakarina

    Tarakarina Registered Guest

    Hi everybody,
    My names Tara, from the Uk - Essex to narrow it down!
    Been a lover of vintage items since I was a child, dressing up in my grandmothers jewelry and clothes, I’m blessed to have inherited a couple beauful rings and a few items of clothing when she passed away, which of course I adore wearing.
    So thanks to a couple of gorgeous sequined and beaded tops from her my magpie side came to life - if there’s one in a shop it takes me approximately 0.5 seconds to have it in my hands ha!
    Have many dresses ranging from the 60’s to 80’s, as well as lots of little jewelry/trinkets/chinaware/mirrors etc.
    I just love the feeling of wearing something and wondering where it’s been before me!
    Anyway, it’s very nice to meet you all and I’m sure you’ll see me asking lots of questions regarding items :) x
  8. Carmen San Juan Lorié

    Carmen San Juan Lorié Registered Guest

    Hi All! I collect vintage fashion & have sold in the past. I have a deep appreciation for fashion both vintage and current. I see it as art and a form of self expression. I am grateful to have found this forum to learn from and offer my knowledge of vintage fashion.
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  9. Tafarie

    Tafarie Registered Guest

    My name is Tafarie but some of my friends call me Bobb. I've always looked dressing well since I was a kid, thanks to my grandmother, and as I've gotten older it became more of an interest in fashion. Both of my grandparents are seamstresses in Trinidad and they've been making costumes for the carnival every year since the 70's.

    Eventually I want to make my own clothes for personal use, but in the mean time I've taken a liking to vintage designer sweaters.
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  10. ladydidiblue

    ladydidiblue Registered Guest

    Hello everyone my name is Diane and I am fairly new to buying and selling vintage costume jewelry, I am trying to do as much research as I can b ut have not gotten very far. I have so many pieces a lot signed some not so I thought this would be a great site to help me.

    pin0000.JPG pin1.JPG pin.JPG pin3.JPG pin0000.JPG pin1.JPG pin.JPG pin3.JPG I have this very dainty little brooch that is definitely vintage if not antique. Problem is I am unable to find anything close to it picture wise. The forums on Facebook say it is quartz, milk glass , antique based on the clasp and then told 60's used older clasps as well. Told "She is lovely. Victorian maybe"," a milk glass rectangular cabochon? With metal flowers enameled & set with rhinestones over it - & she looks old too." based on clasp, then told " Such clasps were used well into the 50s 60s. Manufacturers used whatever stock they had already bought until it was gone. Agree milk glass. So after checking every comment and other I come up empty any help would be appreciated
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  11. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Board Member Staff Member VFG Past President

  12. Blue Wren Vintage

    Blue Wren Vintage VFG Member

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Victoria and have loved vintage clothing for many years. I personally collect Suzy Perette dresses which is sort of how my adult vintage obsession came about :)

    More recently I have started up Blue Wren Vintage as my online vintage boutique, the name is inspired by the Blue Wren which is a bird native to where I live in Sydney, Australia. I see these beautiful birds (it's the males that are the beauties!) often when I go for a walk and am always in awe of them and their vivid colours.

    I love how vintage clothing is not only beautiful, but each piece might just be the only one of its kind in the world. That is very special. If only these pieces could talk.. the stories they would tell!

    Nice to meet you :)
  13. kitten

    kitten Registered Guest

    Hi! Names Fanny, I'm from Canada. My family was in the antique business growing up and antiques and vintage have always been a passion!

    This kind of community makes me really happy :)
    Nice to meet you all!
  14. LovelyRibosomes

    LovelyRibosomes Registered Guest

    Hi! My name is Saskia and I'm a filmmaker and animation artist from Mannheim in Southern Germany.

    I only got into vintage about a year ago, when I went into a thrift store in Leeds without any expectations and found the most amazing Laura Ashley dress from the 80s. Since then I have developed two different vintage personalities: The fancy vintage one, that loves Edwardian ghosts, Art Deco and Golden Hollywood, and the casual vintage one, that is heavily into thrifting and has a thing for beaded 80s knitwear. Since I have two little kids and not a lot of pocket money, the first one hardly ever gets a go, but I still like to look at things ;)

    Older vintage doesn't seem to be all too popular in Germany. This is why I have recently been considering getting into vintage dealing myself, but I have a ton to learn, especially about identifying true vintage. So I was very excited when I found this site. I'm going to have sooooo many questions :D

    Nice to meet you all!
  15. GemGem

    GemGem Registered Guest

    Hello all,

    I have been using the label resource (how fantastic is this!) for some time and have recently been viewing the forums, relishing the wonderful wealth of knowledge.

    I have an ebay store mainly selling vintage fashion though mostly more recent vintage 80's-90's. And many more modern items too.
    My favourite period is the early 90's which I understand only just makes it into the 'vintage' section and some people may not consider it to be really vintage.

    My love of this periods stems from watching the fashion shows back as a teenager with my mother who was a fashion model in the 60's (still is! Just finished a shoot with Burberry no less!) and I am an absolute melt for Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent of this particular period.

    I am currently checking though the trade membership rules/guidelines and believe I fit most/all of the criteria. The only thing is with the dress measurements I have never used the shoulder to waist measurements in descriptions and I used photographs of the measurements rather than stating in text. Does anyone know if this could cause a problem?

    Link removed by Admin.. Please read posting rules.

    Just wanted to say how pleased I am to be here!

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  16. TrashPandaClothier

    TrashPandaClothier Registered Guest

    Hey, y'all. Natalie, here!

    I'm a longtime vintage lover, seamstress, and VFG forum lurker.

    After years of working in secondhand clothing stores and operating antique mall booths (with my mama and friends), I decided to open an Etsy vintage store last November. At first, it was a way to clear out my collection of mediocre/thrifted vintage finds.

    Things got more serious very quickly, as I started specifically searching for vintage clothes with the intention of selling them. Then, friends and family started giving me stuff, in an attempt to "help out"...I suddenly found myself completely overwhelmed with potential stock (most of it either unsalveageably damaged or "technically vintage" but undesireable...in my opinion) and decided I needed to take a break to reassess the whole dang thing.

    So. I've done a lot of brainstorming about why I wanted to do this in the first place, what kind of vintage I'm actually interested in selling, and who my target audience is. Then I culled everything that didn't fit within my new parameters.

    Now I'm actually excited to start slangin' the good good again, and decided to take the leap from lurker to guest (hopefully, I'll be a bona-fide VFG member without too much further ado)!

    You can find me on Etsy as TrashPandaClothier, and IG as @shoptrashpanda. I would appreciate any tips or advice or constructive criticism from seasoned online sellers re: my online presence. I really love *honest and direct* feedback. Years of art school has given me a thick skin, so don't hold back, y'all.

    (Keep in mind, as previously stated, both Etsy and IG are on hold at the moment as I rev back up from a much-needed break)

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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  17. gossamer

    gossamer Registered Guest

    Hello all! I've benefited so much from the Label Resource over the last few years as I've started to add more vintage to my personal wardrobe that I finally decided I ought to join the forums as well. :) There are some mystery items that I've found that I'd love to get some feedback on (will be sure to post in the Label Q&A and the Fashion Q&A threads about them), and I'll try to add images of labels that I do know about to the label resource when I can. I post a lot of photos of my clothing over on Instagram under the name @gossycrafts. I'm not a seller, just a vintage clothing lover!
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  18. sandy glidden

    sandy glidden Registered Guest

    Hi everyone! Sandy from Eastern Canada. I am a writer and researcher and a collector of vintage clothing and jewelry. Planning to sell vintage items in a small store online and have a lot of questions on some items I cannot date! I will link my store when it opens. Thanks for having me!
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  19. Hi all! I am a vintage clothing collector and found my love as a young kiddo going to buy vintage for her in the 1980s. I still have most of the pieces she bought then. In the past few years I have collected more and opened an Etsy store where I sell vintage clothing and mid century modern furniture and household items. I love learning about vintage fashion and am obsessed with studying to learn more. I love dresses from the 30s, 40s and 50s though I have a special place in my heart for great pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80s as well. I continuously am using the label resource as well as fabric identification. I look forward to using the forum to learn more. Thanks!
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  20. Ernst Blofeld

    Ernst Blofeld Registered Guest

    My name is Ed and I'm an archivist in New York City. I've joined the forum to help with the dating of some photos but I do love vintage clothes.

    I also think that brown shoes with a dark suit is a really bad idea.
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