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  1. Lulu Poppins

    Lulu Poppins Registered Guest

    Hi Carmina, awesome collection.
    I see you live in Barcelona, same as me.
    Your collection is amazing :)

  2. Chiquita

    Chiquita Registered Guest

    Hi everyone. I got into vintage recently when I went to a vintage shop to browse. Saw a lovely skirt that was unique that I really liked and returned a week later when the store sent me a virtual coupon for 40% off. I was lucky they still had it and purchased it. I joined their reward program and received another coupon so I had to return. This time it was BOGO and I bought a beaded blouse and looked around and left with a vintage handbag. When I got home, I opened the purse to get who the designer was and found John Romain stamped with 7-71. That’s when I fell in love with vintage and started hitting the thrift shops and garage sales. I’ve found some things that are vintage and trying to date them and found some duds as well that are vintage inspired. Now I really wish I had saved my mom’s clothes and handbags. I’ve posted a few pics below. The owner of the vintage shop told me the skirt was made in Europe in the 30s handmade. There are no tags or care instructions. Stitching is beautiful and that’s what sold me in the purse.

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  3. Ambitron15

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    Hey everyone! I’m out in California stateside. I’m excited to build my knowledge on vintage fashion peices :D
  4. Zorica Zrnic

    Zorica Zrnic Registered Guest

    Hello! Pleased to find this forum and have found the information from Vintage Fashion Guild very useful.

    A little about me. I am from Belgrade. There, vintage fashion more or less is non existent. I was always into post punk and rock and roll growing up and my brother was a musician in London so I came here 20 years ago. I think that vintage fashion is a natural progression from this as you can't wear New Rock boots when you get older you want something a little more sophisticated! I was surprised to find London in general wasn't the great fashion centre it had been on visits there earlier. Kensington Market had gone and Camden had become very commercial. My forays into vintage and retro scenes have found tea dresses and cream teas (which is very nice but not me I am a bit more 'femme fatale' ha ha) , and retro fashions in poor materials. So I have ended up starting creating my own retro designs , millinery etc in more luxurious fabrics, and selling them in a small way, and also collecting and selling really nice pieces from the 1930s to the 1980s. Swansdown and Mugler are my favourites but I also love Lilli Ann, Suzy Perette etc. I started my website doing jewellery which I still do a little but interest was more in the fashion. So exhibited for the first time at Goodwood Revival last year and will be back there this September. Was pleased to dress some finalists in the Best Dressed there and also have done so for the horse races etc.

    The video is a promo competition I have just set so feel free to enter - if you have a taste for Film Noir you will do well!

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    This is me modelling (I can't afford models and photographers yet!) a Swansdown jacket with a skirt I designed myself. Black velvet and black cross mink tail original vintage hat, vintage gloves, Ralph Lauren runway used shoes, and retro pagoda parasol all in stock too. Photo was taken on cameraphone on a day out at Brooklands Museum by my partner David who is a Fashion stylist and also Fine Artist. So only just starting but have had a good reception so far. Looking forward to meeting other vintage fashion fans here. :)


  5. sacto dave

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    Hi! Like others, I am a member of many forums. Fountain pens, sail boats, guns, etc. my bride of 20 years is puzzled by a piece of jewelry she inherited. Thank you in advance for the generous assistance so typical in all these venues!
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