New Year New Vintage ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of January 2nd

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    Make a fresh start for 2017 with never worn or deadstock vintage! While most vintage items have been worn and loved by their original owners, sometimes we are lucky enough to find a fabulous vintage piece that was never worn, and sometimes even with its original tags still attached. These special, unworn vintage items, called “deadstock” or "new old stock (NOS)" are often crisper, brighter and shinier than their lovely, pre-owned cousins. Even when less-than-perfect, deadstock can be of great interest, especially when packaging, labels or hangtags with original graphics are intact to indicate the period of manufacture.

    It's fun to wear a deadstock vintage piece that has waited many long years for its first day in the sun or night on the town! This week, the members of the VFG show us their special deadstock clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, jewelry and linens, to start the New Year off right!

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    1980s Halterneck or strapless swimsuit

    1970s evening dress pattern Burda 27731 - unopened

    1970s wrap dress pattern Burda 9170 - unopened
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