Newbie here, please help ID fur?

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  1. Msluvabargain

    Msluvabargain Registered Guest

    Hi, new to this forum, but often look to this site for help.
    Bought this fur on line, when it arrived my first thought was “oh no, it’s fake”. I thought this because it is extremely light weight (lighter than mink or muskrat) and more fluffy than sleek or glossy. So, I opened up a seam or 2, it is real, but not sure what it is...dare I hope? Lol
    I can send more pictures if needed, it looks darker in person with the stripes being far more subtle.

    Thanks for an help

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  2. peaceful vintage

    peaceful vintage Administrator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome to our forums.

    It's Russian Squirrel which is very soft to the touch and one of my favorite fur types just for the texture alone.
  3. Msluvabargain

    Msluvabargain Registered Guest

    Thank you so much! Squirrel was one of my possibilities, it is very unusual. I knew you would know.

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