Nordic Style -The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of January 20th

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    Nordic Style

    What could be better in winter than a toasty warm Norwegian sweater? The tradition of these sweaters as we know them today goes back to the Setesdal, a valley in southern Norway, and at least to the mid-1800s. Originally, they were knitted in just black and white wool, with red being added later, and the wool had to be quite fine in order to create the intricate patterns. Typical of these patterns is the Selburose, the 8-pointed star. Modern-day sweaters in this style are made in all possible colors, and these beautiful patterns have conquered the world! This week, VFG-members bring you their best Nordic style in the shape of sweaters - traditional or more modern inspired, knitting patterns and other Nordic-inspired items.
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    From Norway, this 1940s cardigan has teeny tiny red hearts in it's design (currently on hold):

    Copy of MixJan2010 129.jpg

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    Mary - I faint!

    This is size 3X from LL Bean currently on eBay - HERE.

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