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    NOW posting to eBay....festive jewelry for your holiday enjoyment...



    I am posting the first of an amazing collection of outrageous 1960s jewels by Kenneth J. Lane. More pieces are scheduled to appear a bit later tonight.

    Before his public humiliation at QVC, KJL was court jeweler to the Beautiful People, draping eveyone from Audrey Hepburn to the Duchess of Windsor in his extravagant (and gaspingly expensive) faux gems.

    It's reported on the internet that the Duchess was buried in her favorite KJL jeweled belt.

    He was a big fan of jewels for the boys, and a lot of his jewelry, even the VERY jeweled jewelry, was intended as unisex.

    The back of the quintessential KJL 'bible'...FAKING IT....shows Lane in a kaftan, four of his famous animalia bracelets on each arm, swathed in faux gold necklaces, 3 gigantic be-gemmed Maltese crosses on the chest; even his fur afghani hat sports a gigantic jeweled brooch.

    With Kenneth Lane, more is always more...
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    Wow, Mary Alice, that's breathtaking!

    I'll be watching this--and all the other pieces you list!

    (I saw the KJL exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design a couple of months back--it's amazing how many celebs and First Ladies he cozied up to and decked out in faux glitz...)
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    :wow: I am just drooling. This will be on my watch list!
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    niiiiiiiiice, Maryalice!! :love008:

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