Pendelton Established 1863

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    Still in business. I decided to get a blanket during Boxing Day sales. 50% off. They make their blankets with 82% wool and 18% cotton now, though. I never thought I would love it so much. It is absolutely beautiful. Packaging, shipping (always free) and quality is superb.


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    I buy all kinds of new products, linen sheets, work cloths, etc. I love vintage so much I had never considered a new Pendelton. At regular price, I may not have bought because it was $400. But at $200, I decided to finally own a Pendelton. Some are closer to $600 or more. For me, an investment and luxury.

    It is strikingly beautiful. I make too much of it all but rich people really live well, don't they? And, they really have the best ideas in design and fabrication available to their pocketbooks.

    Edit. It goes without saying but I will state it, obviously the reason Pendelton is STILL in business - the quality of their product is unsurpassed.
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    Some things are just worth paying more for.

    There used to be a Pendleton factory outlet near me (I cried when it closed) and I have three of the blankets bought on sale there. I agree with everything you've said about them.

    PS: Yours is stunning!

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