Pleats Pretty Please Vintage Inspirations/Spring 2017 for the week of March 27th

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    Classically sophisticated, pleats vary from the simplest pleated schoolgirl skirt to elaborate sculptured and draped gowns. Defined as “a fold of definite, even width made by doubling cloth or the like upon itself and pressing or stitching it in place,” perhaps along the way, pleated clothing was inspired by Japanese origami art. As in origami, each fold creates a dramatically different result whether they be folded, gathered, crimped or creased.

    Seen on the runways for Spring 2017, pleats have been proclaimed by many a style reporter to be back in the fashion fold. This season, Iris Van Herpin , Jill Sander, and Loewe (to name a few of the current collections), were inspired by the designs of the great manipulators of fabric from decades past: Fortuny, Mc Fadden, Miyake, and Mme Gres. This spring we see pleats of all kinds: box pleats, accordion pleats, crystal pleats, bias pleats, godets, inverted, and knife pleats. Don't forget the accessories -- pleated details on hats and gloves too!


    Photo credits: Top from left to right: Vintage Miyake, Iris Van Herpin, Fortuny/Middle: Jill Sander/Bottom: Mme Gres, Dior, Loewe
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    From my sold archives...
    1950s blouse pattern Ringier g 47765

    1960s bed jacket with crystal pleated ruffles

    1960s transparent blouse with crystal pleated ruffles

    1970s Miss Elliette gown

    1970s pleated evening gown
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    From my sold archives

    1950s crystal pleated bedjacket

    1940s Milgrim tilt hat

    1950s Barbizon half slip

    1980s Anthony Muto coffin-pleated dress

    1980s Victor Costa pleated bolero
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    Welcome to the parade, YumYumVintage! We'd love to see a link to the page where this lovely rose print skirt can be purchased, if there is one. If it's from your archives of sold items, you can provide a link to your shop's main page.
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