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    89B20158-03CB-4086-AB30-74E43AFF461A.jpeg C7A6AB20-0B6A-408C-BFE6-D7D9341E38A4.jpeg 30C3772A-A0DE-43E1-A26B-BC022E9A8D4D.jpeg 5461624B-5F01-4146-A765-C8B94A3EEF8B.jpeg 36DD1277-5FDE-416B-AD5A-B3B33F531E29.jpeg C39B72BA-F5AA-4676-87AD-596F1CAEE595.jpeg i purchased a blouse, it's very beautiful 100% silk, but the brand "tag" is quite hard to read and i would like some help on dating about how old this is! i'm thinking maybe late 70s??
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    once it's steamed, I'm sure this will be a very pretty blouse, Adamina, however, for accuracy's sake, I would not use the word "rare" to describe it. There were (and are) many many many blouses with hidden front button panels and tucked yokes that were manufactured in the 80s and 90s, by many different companies. It may be difficult to find another label like this has, but that would not qualify it as rare.

    Rare would be finding a blouse like these from Chanel in the 1920s:


    I hope this helps. :)
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    got it, thank you !
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