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  1. Delaney52

    Delaney52 Registered Guest

    Hello! I am looking to possibly trade my 1950s vintage dress for another in a larger size. I have the rose print dress pictured, but I would be interested in seeing any full-skirted iteration of a dress in the same print. My dress has a 32" bust and a 25" waist, but I would be looking for a dress with a 36-38" bust and a 26-28" waist. It is the same print as the pictured dress that Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and The City.
    carrie dress.jpg IMAG2164.jpg
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  2. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Trade Member

    Hi Delaney52. Is the dress is a modern or a vintage dress? It might help to know how old it is.
  3. Delaney52

    Delaney52 Registered Guest

    Hi! Oh, sorry, it seems I forgot to specify. It's an original 1950s vintage dress.
  4. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Trade Member

    Thank you - good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for. It's a lovely dress.

    I'm sure you've thought of this already, but it looks like a style that wouldn't be hard to adjust in size. Could it be altered to fit? Finding sixty year old dresses in different sizes is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
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  5. Delaney52

    Delaney52 Registered Guest

    Thank you :) I'm definitely considering alteration, but I figured I would try my luck here first; even if it's a long shot. The dress doesn't have seam allowance, so I would probably take it to a seamstress to have a panel added.
  6. carla rey

    carla rey Trade Member

    Delaney, Have you tried the facebook selling groups Ooh la la if you are a member. That dress looks very familiar, not sure if it was you who posted it.
  7. Delaney52

    Delaney52 Registered Guest

    Hi Carla, unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account or I would be sure to check Ooh La La. I've heard they can be an excellent source. Thank you for the suggestion, though!
  8. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Trade Member

    The skirt is very full: you could take a small piece out of it and add it to the bodice. If you match up the pattern, it will hardly be seen. Gathered, full skirts like this are easy to adjust so you just regather to the desired waist.
  9. Robin of Frocksley

    Robin of Frocksley Registered Guest

    Lovely dress! I agree with Nicole that it may be very difficult (if not impossible) to find another true vintage dress in this print. The fact that the background of the print is white tells me that many dresses made from this print will have been irreparably soiled. I would think that the chances of finding a larger size than the extra-small would be even more difficult, as most women are looking for more wearable sizes. It may be your best bet to take the dress to a talented tailor for the necessary alteration. Good luck, either way!
  10. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Swoon. I love red rose dresses and this is beautiful.
  11. rebeccayoon

    rebeccayoon Registered Guest

    Hi Delaney52,

    Wonder whether you interested to sell me the dress?

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