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  1. As some of you know, I am travelling for the holidays. it just so happened that my mascara exploded, so i decided that i would buy another one. I could not get what i usually get but found at the drug store that Physician's Formula now has a "Retro Glow" line with mascara meant to mimic the effect of fake lashes, kohl liquid eyeliners, and eye colors to "invoke the 1940s" etc.

    I know there are some small lines that was specifically targetted for a one stop look versus just experimenting or finding NOS (which might not be that good after sitting so many years!) , but this is the first i have seen that was "mass marketed" for your local drug store/pharmacy.

    Interesting. Now I just need to slip some of my cards into the display and say "if you want to complete the look...come to my store" ha ha ha.

    I have not been that intrigued by makeup at my local pharmacy since the Clarion computer came out. And i wasn't very intrigued by that...I just liked the whole dial turning thing and realized that how i wanted to look had nothing to do with the way i actually did. :) (oh not putting myself down, just ...well...people have a different perception of what exact shade their hair actually is and i was just a little off)

    So...if you love the head to toe vintage look and do the makeup part too, or have done so for theatrical purposes...what are some tricks or products you have used to give you the "complete look"?? (oh, you would have to swear me to seccrecy first, right.)
  2. I'll have to look at those, Chris!

    Hee. When I was young, in the Victorian era, my mom taught me to pinch my cheeks and bite my lips for color. ;) I like intense-red, gell-like stain for both cheeks and lips for a vintage look.
  3. materialmemories

    materialmemories Registered Guest

    I will have to check out that Physicians Formula Line.
    It sounds perfect for me!! I love the smoky eye and red lip look.
    Anyone tried it yet?

    I have very light skin and dark hair and seem to "fit" that eras idea of beauty!!
    I have never tanned-I have gotten burnt several times when I was younger and tried to be golden.
    I have come to accept myself "as is" as I have gotten older.
    And I now love the pale me!!

    I am having that hardest time finding a dark red almost black/red lipstick.
    Anyone found one they are happy with?
  4. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    MAC had one a couple of years ago Dianna, but I can't remember the name of it.

  5. Like I say, I normally wear more natural makeup because of my sensitive skin and it is tested on people. But I can wear physicians formula for eyeliners, etc, when i need it because i am miraculously not allergic to it.

    The packaging on it is also different...and I wouldn't have thought it was physicians formula. it is silvery gray with black script writing and the mascara has a very elaborate handle that makes it a lot dressier than normal. it kinda reminded me of the handle on "play makeup".

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