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    My mother bought a collection of vintage rhinestone brooches at an auction here in Sweden and I sponsored her a bit because I'd like to be able to look at them too, they are very sparkly and interesting and remind me of my grandmother who always wore a brooch. It's hard to make a photo which makes them justice and I know it's good to see the backside also, but I'm a bit eager to hear something about them and it's hard to make good photos (I've tried), also I don't want to mess up the display and put fingerprints on the mirror. First photo is from auction.

    I'd like to hear anything anybody has to say about them because I barely know anything. The bright blue centre "stone" is glued in with too much glue and one of the purplish ones misses a stone and the metal under it, the only other faults I have noticed is some parts which are a bit bent. (Can I remove the glue somehow?)

    Hope someone likes looking at them and thanks in advance if someone has any information!

    Varunr 153106.jpg IMG_0423.JPG IMG_0436.JPG IMG_0439.JPG
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    We have quite a few jewelry experts in the Vintage Fashion Guild and I am not one of them. As you say, showing the reverse side would help a LOT with dating, determining quality, etc. Also, are any of them marked with a name? And the actual size is relevant of course. If these could be photographed near a measuring tape?
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    OK, I photographed the backsides, no problem, I guess I was tired from trying to make a good photo yesterday! Just ask if you want more photos, I have already taken close-ups if that's useful. Hm, I forgot the measuring tape, will do that. I see no markings on any of them.

    I notice now that they could be cleaned a bit too, but I guess they are much more sensitive than gems, especially coatings and foil and things on the backsides I could think. Should they take a bath in dish soap water or should I clean them with a Q-tip and water maybe?

    Turning them around reminds me that the second one in the first "row" isn't really a brooch, it has no pin at least.


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    I am fairly sure that your collection is 1950's - 1960's. It's hard to be really specific about each piece unless you photograph them separately and show closer views of both sides especially how the stones are set and the catches. I am more familiar with American costume jewelry from this period than European, if your pieces are European. I think I recognize a few of the pieces as possibly American but you need to provide closer views.

    If possible get as close as this:

    D&E Aurora and Clear Dangle Brooch.jpg
    D&E Aurora and Clear Dangle Brooch back.jpg

    As far as cleaning them goes, you don't want to get or leave them soaking wet, but if you make sure they are dried thoroughly a quick bath in a mild sudsy solution shouldn't hurt. Do not put any of them away until they are thoroughly dried - and do not close the lid of the container you have them stored in until they are completely dry. Moisture is the enemy of rhinestone jewelry. I have used a product called Jewelry Joose but I think it is discontinued. I have tried something called Jewelry Vive which is similar. You can wipe with a Q-tip using a mild sudsy solution, wipe off with a damp Q-tip and then dry. Be sure the piece is really dry before you put it away. Excess glue can be removed and missing stones can be replaced.

    I presented a workshop on jewelry to the VFG in 1010 and this part is about the 1950s and 1960s and may help:

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    Thanks a lot for the information and tips! I did find your workshop and it is great, but I haven't read all, I could only hope that you would also answer me :) However I am so clueless on this so it was great that you could say 50's-60's, I wouldn't dare to guess! I think both me and my mother will look around the many thrift shops here in Eskilstuna for more brooches!

    I tried taking photos with an iPad, if I find a better camera it will be much easier (and better light which it seems I lacked first), so I'll see what I can produce!

    I have no idea if it's European jewellery. The home which a lot in the auction came from had a lot of quality old and not very old things in a pretty eccentric style, in particular a lot of fine Italian glass, and also quite a few French things, and of course many Swedish. Those are my only clues.
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    What a pretty collection! Definitely look for signatures, they might give you clues. But don't forget either that there are lots and lots of wonderful unsigned pieces out there. I love brooches like these too, and most of mine are unsigned - thrift shop finds and so on. They might be European, they might be American. Your collection looks like 50s-60s to me as well, but like Linn said, to make more than a guess we would need to see close up photos.

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