Rockabilly Workshop (III) The Tiki Bar is Open (Tiki/Hawaiian fashions)

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    <img src="" width=803 height=132>

    Weither you love the Vintage Hawaiian fashions from the 1940's or you love the fashions from the 70's, Hawaiian items have always been popular. Alfred Shaheen has been a huge contributer to Hawaiian Tiki fashion business for over 40 years, and his items are as sought after as they where back then.<br>

    Alfred Shaheen’s fashions (sarongs, sundresses and shirts) are one of the most sought after Vintage Hawaiian clothing. Some of the other sought after names were Surfrider, Kamehameha, Reef, Kahanamoku, Royal Hawaiian, J.C. Penney's, Surf –n- Sand and Nani of Hawaii.
    <center><img src="" width=480 height=414> </center><b> <center>"Most Deseirable"</b> <br> (picture curtesy of <a>VintageHawaiianShirt</a>)</center>

    The most collectable pieces both shirts & dresses were the Rayon fabric with vertical patterns, tiki prints, village prints, The vertical border print is considered by many collectors to be the most desirable of all the vintage patterns.

    <center><img src="" width=480 height=394>, <br> <center><b>The Eugene Savage mural print </b>
    (picture curtesy of <a>VintageHawaiianShirt</a>)</center><p>
    <center><img src="" width=480 height=430></center>.<br><b>The Macintosh mural print</b> (picture curtesy of <a>VintageHawaiianShirt</a>)<br>

    Most shirts are: rayon, cotton, barkcloth and have coconut buttons. The designs are endless. The most sought after pieces came between the 1930’s to early 1950’s. <br>
    As for dresses: Rayon dresses are the most sought after. You have the sundress, halter dress with a straight skirt, halter with full skirt, strapless sarong, skirts.<br>
    <center><h2>Here are some Hawaiian shirts</h2></center><br>
    <center>All Hawaiian Shirts by 1950spinup (Adrianne) unless noted below picture</center><br>
    <center> <img src="" width=160 height=219> <img src="" width=160 height=222></center> <br>
    <center><img src="" width=160 height=220><img src="" width=160 height=207></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=160 height=221> <img src="" width=160 height=216></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=180 height=233><img src="" width=160 height=194></center><br>
    <center><b>60’s & 70’s</b></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=160 height=219></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=160 height=236> <img src="" width=203 height=275><br>
    <center> <img src="" width=160 height=217> </center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=236 height=266></center><br>
    <center> Courtesy of <a href=>Beardnlady</a></center><br>


    <center><h2>Here are some Hawaiian Dresses</h2></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=150 height=220><br> </center> <center>Coutesy of <a href=>otherworldlystuff</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=131 height=245><br> <center>Courtesy of <a href=>Flashbak58</a></center><br>
    <center> <img src="" width=104 height=240> <img src="" width=113 height=238></cener><br>
    <center> <img src="" width=92 height=249></center><br> <center> Courtesy of <a href=>1950spinup</a></center><br>
    <center> <img src="" width=122 height=301> <img src="" width=105 height=225></center><br> Courtesy of <a href=>1950spinup</a><br>

    <center> <img src="" width=104 height=233> <img src="" width=101 height=209></center><br>
    <center>Courtesy of <a href=>[email protected] VC-Mall</a>
    <a href=>Route66Gal</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=150 height=258></center><br><center>Courtesy of <a href=>Couture Allure Vintage</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=158 height=158> <img src="" width=117 height=229></center<br>
    <center>Courtesy of <a href=>[email protected] VC-Mall</a> <a href=>Route66Gal</a></center><br>

    <Center><img src="" width=150 height=262><img src="" width=150 height=227></center><br>
    <center>Courtesy of <a href=>artisannes
    <center><img src="" width=150 height=185><img src="" width=150 height=307></center><br>
    <center>Courtesy of<a href=>artisannes
    <center><img src="" width=200 height=196><img src="" width=100 height=174></center><br> <center> Courtesy of <a href=>artisannes
    <center><img src="" width=125 height=191><img src="" width=113 height=173></center><br> <center> Courtesy of <a href=>artisannes</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=113 height=225><img src="" width=125 height=191></center><br> <center> Courtesy of <a href=>artisannes</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=113 height=172></center><br><center> Courtesy of <a href=>artisannes</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=169 height=225><img src="" width=141 height=188></center><br>
    <center> Courtesy of <a href=>Firehawk325</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=109 height=205></center><br><center>Courtesy of <a href=>FuzzyLizzie @ VC-Mall</a></center><br>

    <center><b>60’s & 70’s</b></center<br>
    <center><img src="" width=83 height=270></center><br> Courtesy of <a href=>Flashbak58</a><br>
    <center><img src="" width=384 height=136></center><br> Courtesy of <a href=>Pinky-A-Go-Go</a><br>
    <center><img src="" width=113 height=280></center><br>Courtesy of <a href=>b*a*vintagequeen</a><br>
    <center><img src="" width=150 height=280><img src="" width=140 height=269></center><br><center>Courtesy of <a href=>cymbeline</a></center><br>
    <center><h2>Here are some Hawaiian Swim Suits</h2></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=138 height=215><img src="" width=138 height=212></center><br>
    <center> Courtesty of BlueVelvetVintage</center><br><p>
    <center><img src="" width=190 height=295></center><br>
    <center>Courtesy of <a href=>[email protected] VC-Mall</a> <a href=>Route66Gal</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=180 height=248></center><br><center> Courtesy of <a href=>1950spinup</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=110 height=202></center><center>Coutesy of <a href=>otherworldlystuff</a></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=120 height=206><img src="" width=113 height=188></center><br><center> Courtesy of <a href=>rjroni1</a></center><br>
    <center><h2>Here are the Lables</h2></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=264 height=130><img src="" width=433 height=138><img src="" width=203 height=159></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=130 height=80><img src="" width=170 height=104><img src="" width=300 height=154></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=132 height=95><img src="" width=187 height=149><img src="" width=221 height=114></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=144 height=78><img src="" width=292 height=118><img src="" width=221 height=97></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=226 height=114><img src="" width=198 height=143><img src="" width=224 height=91></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=238 height=146><img src="" width=137 height=86><img src="" width=90 height=91></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=218 height=85></center><br>
    <center><h2>Buttons & Pockets</h2></center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=284 height=223><img src="" width=415 height=98><img src="" width=152 height=165></center><br><center>Coconut buttons add the finishing touches to a killer Hawaiian shirt, dress or swimsuit.</center><br>
    <center><img src="" width=303 height=343><img src="" width=310 height=373></center><br>
    <center> Notice on the first picture how nicely the print on the pocket blends or is hidden? This shows the higher quality are care when the garment was made.</center><br>

    <center><img src="" width=300 height=400></center><br>
    <center> Thank you, Thank you Very Much!</center><br>
  2. Fantabulous!!!

    I am familiar with the desire of Shaheen...
    but never knew that Penneys was a desireable Hawaiian label!
    It's not a label that I would naturally associate with it not having
    studied Hawaiiana in depth. What are the years/features, etc that put it in the class amongst the others? (excuse my naivete LOL) :BAGUSE:

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    :drool: :drool: :drool: Great stuff, Adrianne!!!! I'm getting rid of a lot of vintage hawaiian this year, and it does pain me quite a bit because I love the styles so much. But....I figure it's time to move them along to new homes! I think the main allure to hawaiian fashions for women is that the between the sarongs and full-skirted halter dresses, the cuts can be very flattering to most body types. Larger women who often feel uncomfortable in many vintage fashions become the voluptuous goddesses that we all know they can be in hawaiian wear. I love that!

    Chris, just a bit off topic, but you'd probably be interested to know that vintage Penney's Towncraft label can be very valuable. They did actually have some other types of men's fashions that I'm always on the lookout for - like these native american indian prints. I've also noticed that prices are up for Penney's Foremost jeans - I have a couple of pair of those that I might just have to get up there. So yes, believe it or not, Penney's is a great label to search for! They have been producing a towncraft label that *looks* vintage in recent years, so don't let that fool you - but I do definitely recommend checking out what they've put out over the years - some really nice and desireable stuff!

    Thanks again, Adrianne, great job!

  4. gaildavid

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    :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

    Thank you, Adrianne!

    I have a Liberty House dress with "Hawaii" on the label which I think is more 60's in style, ect. The fabric is very bright yellow with orange and hot pink flowers and states "Polynesian Textiles" on the selvage border. (I'll try to get a pic up later, if you think it fits in the category) I am sure not everything with these names will qualify as Tiki or desirable.

  5. PodVintage

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    There are late 40's & early 50's Penny's Hawaiian shirts that go between $50-350 a shirt. Pricing all depends on the print, style and the big part SIZE. Size does matter when it comes to shirts. You will get more money for an XXL or XXXL than you would for a rare S shirt.

  6. PodVintage

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    Here is a little hawaiian Pinup Tiki goodie that I made. It will be up for auction this week.
    <img src="" width=360 height=481>
  7. I knew about Towncraft...time to pull out that wild apple green plaid Penneys shirt I had :)

    That purse is cute Adrianne.

    Now as far as the Tiki look, is that sort of Rockabilly "dressed up" or is it just another element that figures into the mix of a look, and most people partake of multiple looks
  8. PodVintage

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    It is part of Rockabilly. The women do consider it a way of the old. The beautiful hawaiian dresses worn during the day (car shows) and also at night. Either way it is very acceptable. Also a must is the flower in your hair. And if you can find them the umbrellas.
  9. PodVintage

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    I also have the 1940s Authentic Hairstyles book up for auction right now. This is must have book!

    <a href=>1940s Hair styles book</a>
    <img src="" width=640 height=877>
  10. route66gal

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    Oh - yes, those asian parasols are pretty popular - especially at the car shows (which would make sense - who would have a parasol indoors?).

  11. PodVintage

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  12. route66gal

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    I was racking my brains to try to remember them - mybabyjo - yes!


  13. PodVintage

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    And of course the Alfred Shaheen website that is done very well.
  14. Adrianne,
    What a FANTASTIC JOB!!!
    Those DRESSES are AMAZING!!!
    How could a GAL not FEEL SPECIAL in one of those!!!
  15. Hi Adrianne!

    What a fabulous assortment of Hawaiian clothing. Everything is so gorgeous. Having the assorment of labels is terrific.

    I am wondering about the other style of hawaiian dresses. The "Princess" style, I think that is what they are called... the long ones with the sort flowing trane. The more traditional style.

    Are those desirable for the RAB crowd??

    I have a ton of them that I buy whenever I find them because I just love the fabric and prints. I have never listed any because they seem 'too old-fashioned' for the hip vintage crowd. But I can't resist them when I find them. I LOVE THEM! Do they have anyplace in the vintage marketplace??

    Thanks for this visually beautiful workshop!!!

  16. PodVintage

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    Usually the 40's & 50's styles are the more in style for the RAB. There are some really good pictures on the website.
  17. Thanks Doll!

    I am going to go check out the link!

    Are there any books you can recommend on Hawaiian and Tiki fashions? I am trying to build up my referance library and I don't have a single one on hawaiian fashions!

    And by the way, how does the art of Shag fit into the RAB/Hawaiian thing? This stuff has a definate tiki feel! I just love it!! I could have Shag art in every room of my house!!

    If anyone hasn't seen Shag, you have got to spend a bit of time at the website. It's so fun, fresh and the colors are gor-ge-ous!!

    Check out this one called 'Five Pills'

    xxoo ~ Maureen
  18. PodVintage

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    They LOVE SHAG!!!! My Best Friend is a Western/RAB/Shag/Hawaiian VINTAGE lover.

    Here is one book
    <a href=>Hawaiian Book @ Amazon</a>
  19. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    <a href=>Another Hawaiian Book @ Amazon</a>

    Another good site for refernce at
    <a href=>Aloha Vintage Hawaiian Shirts</a>
  20. bartondoll

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    Adrianne, Thank you!!! :clapping::clapping:

    I am so enjoying all the parts of this RAB workshop and am learning so

    The Hawaiian aspect I'm particularly fond of - part of it I think is the
    textiles and prints (well the styles of dresses are pretty yowsa too!)

    Thanks also for all the links everyone!


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