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ROCKABILLY WORKSHOP (Part I) Official Thread! Here we go!

Discussion in 'Rockabilly 2005' started by route66gal, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    Thanks, Maureen! My husband told me about that book - he read a review somewhere - thanks! How the West Was Worn has a lot of photos of stuff from Marty Stuart's personal collection as well - he's got some of the best stuff ever made!

    We don't have a book list anywhere do we? I think we need to start one... I'm saving my pennies for a copy of Vintage Denim by David Little.

  2. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    Melanie this is wonderful thank you You did a great job!

    Off to look at the hair sites.
  3. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    So would I be correct in thinking that a handtooled purse would be used with the western outfits.

    A girl has to accessorize:

    <img src=http://ftp.innernet.net/pcameron/feb/309.jpg>

    Its a gaitan made in mexico with lots of pockets and an adjustable strap.

    Oh looked at the hair sites and loved them
  4. cosmiccowgirl

    cosmiccowgirl Alumni

    Maybe someone can help me with these gold lame western pants. They have me a little stumped with dating.

    <img src="http://home.grandecom.net/~cosmiccowgirl/ebay/0205gp1.jpg"><BR>
    <img src="http://home.grandecom.net/~cosmiccowgirl/ebay/0205gp2.jpg"><BR>
    <img src="http://home.grandecom.net/~cosmiccowgirl/ebay/0205gp3.jpg"><BR>
    <img src="http://home.grandecom.net/~cosmiccowgirl/ebay/0205gp4.jpg"><BR>
    <img src="http://home.grandecom.net/~cosmiccowgirl/ebay/0205gp5.jpg"><BR>
    <img src="http://home.grandecom.net/~cosmiccowgirl/ebay/0205gp6.jpg"><BR>

    They're made of slightly stretchy gold lame. Side metal zip with hidden metal snap closure. The center pants seams are sewn down and the back yoke is pretty elaborate. There's no tag save for a small faded cloth patch and the number 30 written in the waistband --- which is the waist measurement. They have a slight boot cut so they're definitely made for wearing with cowgirl boots and a bit more than a 12" rise. I'm thinking these are some sort of rodeo queen or arena/show pants. The styling is saying 50s to me, especially with the metal zipper and placement, but I am just not sure! I'd like to get these listed on ebay for VLV --- they really shoulde be there! Anyone have any clues?
  5. cosmiccowgirl

    cosmiccowgirl Alumni

    Anyone? Heeelp!
  6. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Lordy, those are awesome!! They're looking mighty 50s to me, too. Pants can be tough to tell, especially on a mannequin. They're definitely for some kind of a performer, I think, whether rodeo queen or stage costume of some sort. I think you'd be safe going with 50's. Are they lined?

  7. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    Oh and don't I know it! My DH is a prime example... he takes longer to fine-tune his pomp than I take to do hair, makeup AND clothes!
    He uses Royal Crown but will use Murray's when that's not available.

    GREAT job here! Can't wait to see the rest! I know I know... I'm a bit behind in my reading. My DSL has been down all week!:mad:
  8. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    Purse?? VLV ??
  9. cosmiccowgirl

    cosmiccowgirl Alumni

    Hey Mel, thanks so much --- they're unlined. The consensus with everyone I've shown them to is to go with 50s on them. They remind me a lot of the fabric of that gold lame suit Nudie did for Elvis. Off to ebay land they go tonight! Sure wish they fit me, because they wouldn't be going anywhere!
  10. Pauline...that is perfect for the Western leaning gal. I would go for it. Might not be as over the top flashy...but it is cool
  11. hipvintage

    hipvintage Alumni

    I have a question!!:hiya:

    Will the photos and info from these workshhops be here permanently for reference, or should we copy & paste info we want in order to keep it?

    I've noticed some older topics or workshops have most of the photos taken down after some time.

    Great job!! Thanks!!!:bouncy:

  12. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing VFG Member

    Fantastic job! I LOVE Under the Son! Spent lot of $$$ when I went for South By Southwest. If you know Buck and the Horton Brothers, please tell Buck I said hello! Haven't seen him the last tow VLVs.

  13. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    Hi, Sandra - did you check out my video at the beginning of the thread? Buck is in it ;) I think Buck and Billy have run off to get married....just kidding! They are just so cute, I always tease them about what a cute "couple" they make. I don't get out much anymore, but when I do, they're usually out and about.

  14. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    Janine - I have the pics in this particular thread saved to my hosting site - I think the other "presenters" have done the same with theirs - I can leave mine for at least a couple of months - there was talk about moving the pics to be hosted here at some point. Not sure how that will work, but I'll check.


  15. debutanteclothing

    debutanteclothing VFG Member

    I did not see the video!!!! Will check it out as soon as I get home. They probably have run off and gotten hitched! It seems like we're trading Cali natives for Texas natives- you got Dan and we got Dawn Shipley!!!

  16. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    Give Dawn a shout out for me. It's a small rockabilly world after all....( now if we can get a RAB cover of it's a small world...um, actually, I'd probably shoot myself if that happened!)

  17. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    Wonderful Video! Loved it:bouncy:

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