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  1. Mekelarje

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    I'm in search of some vintage saddle shoes..

    I'd buy a modern day pair but they aren't as cute at all and I absolutely love the white/brown two tone kind which seem to not exist anymore, it's only black and white.

    I'm a size 7.5 in shoes but depending on the brand I can fit a 7 and/or 8 as well. I have rather wide feet I'd say. I'm having a really hard time finding a pair of these shoes anywhere. If I ever spot them on any selling site they're either sold or not in my size. Here's a picture of the kind I'm searching for..

    If anyone has a pair that they're selling or knows of a place/someone who may have a pair please let me know!! Thank you!

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  2. Rachel Stinson

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    I love vintage saddle shoes too but couldn't find the old ones. The best and closest choice I had was Alyasha's collection for Adidas Originals range. But they were nothing like the typical saddle shoes. They come with rubber athletic soles. But it's the closest option to what I wanted so I purchased it anyway and have loved them ever since.
    If you haven't find the old ones then i'd suggest going for the Adidas ones.
  3. Jonathan

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  4. yumyumvintage

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    bass in the 80's made a saddle shoe.... I see some for sale once in a while
  5. The Vintage Vendeuse

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