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    Thanks Joanne. I’ll stick with late ‘40s to early ‘50s with a note that the hips are exceptionally slim. I hope the crochet has stretch.
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    Thank you so very much Nicole. I really appreciate all your time and effort to help me!


  3. Furwise

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    I'm sorry for my late reply Joanne. I agree with the general consensus and think 40s/50s. I am sure there are 80s dresses with stays but I've only seen them in dresses that were from the 60s and earlier.

    That 2 piece dress also has mid-century characteristics, ie; the intricately detailed collar combined with the shoulder pads, side zipper with snap, hook and eye closures, as well as the length of the skirt.
    I wish the seller would have said whether the zipper was metal. That always helps when determining age.

    I also notice both being crochet ribbon designs. I wonder if that was a Marina, California specialty or if it was just chance that yours is like that and so was the one that you found.

    Both beautiful. :)
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    Great dress and I agree with the older dating. Raffia was used from time to time but not in this case. I recently purchased this skirt and have a few others in the past as well. The raffia is used in between the floral ribbon.


    I also have a ribbon knit suit but it does not have your label - mine has an old Henri Bendel label in it.

    henri bendel.jpg
  5. Circa Vintage

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    Spectacular skirt MJ! I didn’t realize it was used in clothing: How would you recommend washing?
  6. I've had 50s hats made out of that same ribbon material.

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