Shoulder pads for 40s sweater?

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  1. Hello! My mom knitted me this sweater/jumper from an original 1947 pattern. As you can see in the photo, the shoulders should have that typical poof at the top. And you can see on the sweater itself that there is shaping to encourage that silhouette.

    But as worn, it's not puffy at all. Kind of sad and saggy at the shoulder.

    The knitting and finishing instructions don't say anything about shoulder pads or creating the puff look.

    What do you think I should do? Create shoulder pads, repurpose pads from another source (drawer of orphan pads in office), or is there a special period-correct "shoulder pad for sweaters" option I don't know about?

    I've never had an originally 40s sweater, only blouses with those small, crescent, matching ones stuffed with fabric and/or those ruffly inserts in the top of the armscyes that provide poof.

    20181209_145300_resized.jpg 20181209_145240_resized.jpg 20181209_150455_resized.jpg
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    Lovely sweater! Not sure what to put in there but the photo does look like there's some kind of insert/pad used...
  3. I went through my shoulder pads and found some small vintage ones that seem right enough. Now I'm trying to crochet them little covers to match the sweater. Because I'm nuts. Once I give up on that, I'll probably use some coordinating fabric. Can't leave them naked and ugly.
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    What a lovely sweater and the colour is gorgeous! I can remember having something that had that look to it the padding started at the shoulder and was also at the top of the outside arm. Cannot say I ever saw a loose pad like that but remember seeing it on a sweater and even on a 30s dress.
  5. As usual, I'm just winging it :). I think the shoulders of the sweater are slightly big on me. I'm not particularly narrow. Who knows why.
  6. 1544397113780397127676968113978.jpg Yarn info (just commodity stuff, but the better sort). 15443969536898624028250964842130.jpg
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  7. Done as it's gonna get. One side looks smoother on the exterior than the other does, but I'm sick of it so it'll do.

    Already moved on to next project. Mom hates finishing stuff so she makes the pieces and I have to put it together. 20181209_180301.jpg 20181209_191610.jpg 20181209_193942_resized.jpg
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    Fabulous sweater! It looks wonderful on you.
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    With the little darts or dart like seams, you are right . It would have had something to support those. Sleeve headers or shoulder pads. Sleeve headers are only on the sleeve section - attached to the armhole seam and then extend out under the sleeve cap. They extend the shoulder line with out raising it like shoulder pads do. You see these as crescent shapes in the late 1930s dresses, etc. They are still used in tailored jackets, especially menswear.
  10. Yes, Hollis, that's what I was thinking of. As it is, I used old rayon pads taken from some dead vintage thing, covered them to be less ugly, and put them in the sleeve only, attached at the seam as you describe. It doesn't raise the shoulder line. But what I wish I had (or knew how to make - any resources?) are those little ruffly inserts. The interview that just create a poof/lift at the sleeve cap.

    Even though the original image clearly shows a pad, I think the ruffly thing would be better.

    What I really need are a bigger closet and more energy.
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    I think you did well. The sweater with your improvised pads look great and provide an authentic l00k when the sweater is worn. I admire your ingenuity and persistence.
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