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Show me your Holiday Decorations

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by glamoursurf, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. sewingmachinegirl

    sewingmachinegirl Trade Member

    That tree is amazing Maggie! pinkeleemoti
  2. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    Love the pink! No tree to share from me this year. Since I still had people come in for viewings, and in January am going to start packing this place up, I decided to leave it be this year...
  3. PersonalPursuits

    PersonalPursuits Trade Member

    What a fun and magical looking tree Maggie!
  4. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Hope not too late. I have a thing for vintage Christmas figurines. I set up little vignettes of them. They make me happy and I look forward to them.
    This last year has been especially hard as I lost 3 brothers and one by a drunk driver.
    Please don't drink and drive. Sandy
    I so love the Holiday Season.

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  5. Jenny

    Jenny Registered Guest

    Oh my SHOES! :wow22:

    Denise, You have an awesome husband!

    Here is mine.....first Christmas at our new home.
  6. gaildavid

    gaildavid Trade Member

    Sandy, I am soooooo sorry for your family's loss. How tragic. :no: I cannot even begin to imagine. :no:

    I just adore your figurines. They make me smile.

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  7. northstarvintage

    northstarvintage Administrator Staff Member

    Sandy, I am so sorry about your brothers. Losing a sibling is unimaginable.

    We usually put up a vintage aluminum tree with vintage ornaments, but can no longer do so because of these guys...

  8. Lady Scarletts

    Lady Scarletts Trade Member

    Sandy sooo sorry about ypur brothers! Your in our thoughts and prayers!
  9. Linn

    Linn Trade Member

    Sandy, so sorry about your brothers.


    INVINTAGEV Trade Member

    Oh so sorry
  11. sarah-jane

    sarah-jane Trade Member

    Sandy, such sad news. So sorry.

    Those guys do look like Trouble Susan.
  12. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  13. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Thank you all for your kindnesses.

    My cat Elsa leaves my tree alone.
    She is more concerned always about me staying in one place so she can park.
    Clinger mama's baby.

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  14. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont Trade Member

    Yes Sandy, I am also so sorry for your unimaginable loss. Christmas must have been very difficult. I too smiled at your clusters of figurines. And Susan - like you, thanks to Minnie and Eggplant, I can no longer decorate my tree. Jenny, congrats on your new home.
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  15. Rue_de_la_Paix

    Rue_de_la_Paix Trade Member

    I did not put up a tree this year, so I greatly enjoyed seeing everyone's decorations.

    That pink tree is ....well....awesome!
  16. Sarah Hanrahan

    Sarah Hanrahan Registered Guest

    Im getting great inspiration for next Christmas after stumbling upon this this forum! The shoes look so gorgeous under the tree, definitly keeping that in mind for my own little place :)
  17. Style India

    Style India Registered Guest

    Beautiful Christmas trees, first time see the pink tree.

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