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  1. awaywiffairies

    awaywiffairies Registered Guest

    Yeah, purple is the colour, I guess I was trying to pretend it wasn't cos it's not a colour I'm fond of...I remember when I was a kid and ill and my Mum let me sleep in her bed in the day and I remember looking up at this purple fringed flock lampshade and it kind of made me feel worse, so didn't wanna hear purple :lalala: but yes it is!!

    Thanks alot for the feedback on my burn test and useful to know that the skeleton denotes cotton....put that down on my burn tests notes! Very helpful :drinkingtoast:

  2. Your dress is really fun! I adore the sleeves!! And purple is a wonderful color with a noble history. It used to be that only Royalty could wear it. I would call it Royal Purple or Regal Purple as was suggested previous, based on your first 2 pictures. Plum is also good and would better represent the color I see in your 3rd photo, but magenta is more of a red/pink/purple. This is definitely not magenta.

    Also, I have to agree with Joan on the pile issue. It is common with velvets that have been compressed under weight in storage or tightly stuffed into a closet for long periods of time. The pile follows the direction of the compression and usually will stay that way unless you get lucky. I would try her advice on using the steamer and brush to give it a try. The only velvet that I have ever seen with intentional flat spots is crushed velvet and this does not apper to be that.
  3. awaywiffairies

    awaywiffairies Registered Guest

    Amber...thanks, royal/regal purple or I'd call it 'Yeah Baby Purple!' if I could get away with it...

    Re the pile, looks like I've got a bit of work to do trying to get that right, but I thought it was meant to be that way cos it's in so many places, I honestly thought that was the look. Oh well, can't list it quite yet until I sort that out.

  4. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

  5. awaywiffairies

    awaywiffairies Registered Guest

    You're very welcome Karin! :spin:


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