Simpsons Olive Wool 2-piece Suit

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  1. Mad Catter

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    Can anyone help me date this by the label or style? Not sure what kind of fur the collar is but it's only tacked on and the collar underneath is in good condition. I can see the remains of another label in the side seem that looks to be the same size as other union labels but it could have been a care label too, nothing really left of it to help me there.


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  2. themerchantsofvintage

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    I think earlish 60s and the fur is possibly fox. A close up of the collar may help.
  3. Midge

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  4. Linn

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    I agree with early '60's - no idea about the fur.
  5. Mad Catter

    Mad Catter Registered Guest

    Thanks you very much, Deborah and Linn!
    It's finally cold enough to wear. Yea!
  6. Jonathan

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    Simpsons was a Canadian department store founded in Toronto in 1872. It was a high end department store but in 1978 the Hudson Bay Company acquired Simpsons. The Toronto flagship store retained the Simpsons name, and featured store within the store designer boutiques until it was merged with HBC in 1991.
  7. Mad Catter

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    That makes sense since I live so close to Toronto and there's quite a few Simpsons items I have yet to photograph. Some of the men's suits are from Toronto as well.
    Thank you!

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