Spring 2017 VI: Pardon Our Blush /Spring 2017 for the week of June 19th

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    Pardon our Blush

    Peeking over the tops of our rose-colored glasses, to our delight, we noticed that blushing beauties covered fashion runways for Spring, Summer and Fall, this year.
    Fashionisers.com states: ". . . it’s just clear-cut that the designers fired on all cylinders to kick-start a wide scale pink revolution in the fashion circuit. Ranging from amaranth and brink pink to raspberry and ultra-pink, the runway had them all in droves." And W Magazine concurs: "Wear Pink, specifically – despite what Pantone says, pink is the color for 2017."
    A very vintage color for women, but this year, a popular choice for men, too, please parade out all fashion items in this color with pinkies held high. Blushing, perhaps, but not at all embarrassed; we pun pink in this parade.
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    From my sold archives:

    1960s pink tone earrings

    1960s Kamehameha sandals

    1960s Marie Phillips floral cotton suit
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    First a few bygone favorites...

    1960s Christian Dior NY Moire Pattern Pink Brocade Dress
    c. 1960 Liberty of London Rhinestoned Linen Dress w/Coral Rose Print


    Mid-90s Bill Blass Pink & Yellow Polka Dots Yellow Silk Matelasse Suit

    Coming soon, this 1960 Vera Maxwell Linen Blend Dress Suit


    c. 1950 Joseph's NY Flower-Trimmed Straw Cartwheel Hat

    c.1960 Pink Petals Juliet Cap


    And in the shop now:

    1920s Pink & Ivory Braid Cloche w/Ribbon Accent


    40s/50s Arrow Pink & Black Abstract Print Rayon Satin Wide Tie

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    On Etsy, an overall embroidered blush pink sheath by L'Aiglon

    Also, a satin beaded clutch bag

    At magsrags.net - detail from a late 1930s/early 1940s long taffeta gown with tiered skirt

    And a satin bolero evening jacket, embellished with soutache braid and rhinestones
  14. All from my Sold archives.

    1920s rose silk and velvet wedding dress
    authentic 1920s pink wedding drees flapper,anothertimevintageapaprel.silk satin,embroidered.JPG

    1920s rose wide brimmed cloche hat
    1920s peach brimmed cloche hat ribbons,.JPG

    1950s rose silk suit and matching pumps, hat and jewelry

    rose silk suit accessories,anothertimevvintageapparel.jpg

    1920s rose peach crepe dress with faux bolero.
    1920s peach silk crepe dress with cut work antique.JPG
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