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**Submit Labels for the Label Resource Here** 2017 -CLOSED

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Labels for the Label Resource - Add here' started by pinky-a-gogo, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. Mademoiselle Dior, mid 90s bodycon dress:
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  2. Esther

    Esther Registered Guest

    Jean Paul Gaultier label from his controversial 'Les rabbins chics' or 'Chic rabbis' collection of f/w 93. Inspired by the hasidic jewish clothing style. This one is from a shimmering sage green rayon fringe dress.
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  3. Robin of Frocksley

    Robin of Frocksley Registered Guest

    Super cute Butterfield 8 label from a 70s caftan:
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  4. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    From a 70s cotton dress made with Liberty fabric
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  5. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    We do have three Serbin labels in the resource already, but this one is just a little different with the "designed by Marianne" at the bottom of it.
    From a 1970s khaki safari tent dress.
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  6. Osmium

    Osmium Registered Guest

  7. To add to the existing Bernhard Altmann entry.

    From this 60s coat with mink collar:
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  8. glamoursurf

    glamoursurf Alumni

    1960's Miss Elaine label

    1970s Vera for Formfit Rogers. I didn't see any Vera labels in the Formit Rogers page or this label on the Vera page either.
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  9. Late 90s Valentino 2 pc women's suit:
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  10. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Alumni +

    Jean Patou 1919-1922, courtesy Marilyn Most (Ref: FB VCAT1).
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  11. ClubVintage

    ClubVintage Administrator Staff Member

    Early 1930s R & K Original label to replace the one we have that is not as clear. Two views so you can choose the one you prefer.
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  12. ACWA label from a dated 1951 mens winter coat:
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  13. Elsewhere

    Elsewhere Trade Member

    Betsey Johnson reissued "Vintage" punk label
    Most of the items I'm finding with this label have similar motifs - a long sweater (or ULTRA mini MINI dress!) in yellow knit with black & redintarsia Devil head - with a very 90's feel... but based on the content/care tag, as well as the use of the word "vintage" on the label... I'm wondering if it's maybe newer than that? Anyone know when this was re-issued?
    Regardless -- I thought you'd maybe like to add this to the resource, especially since it's so similar to the original "punk" label - I'm sure many newbie sellers will confuse the two...
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  14. thespectrum

    thespectrum Trade Member Staff Member

    I can add that label if we can pin down a definitive date :USETHUMBUP:
  15. Elsewhere

    Elsewhere Trade Member

    I wish I was more help! lol!
    I did a few quick searches, but people calling the items 90's is about all I could find!!
  16. mirandatx

    mirandatx Registered Guest

    Here's a Frost Brothers label from a 1980s full-length fur coat. Found the Frost Bros entry in the Label Resource on this site and noticed how different this label is from the others. I also found some information about Frost Bros here... check out all the departments and services they had! The comments are really interesting as well. Seems like they were lovely stores while they lasted. http://www.thedepartmentstoremuseum.org/2010/06/frost-bros-san-antonio.html

    So the cute font is gone and there's no "San Antonio" either. I was told that the coat was purchased in Texas in 1989, so hopefully my grandma got it at a nice discount before they all closed down ;)
    There are two items on eBay that have similar labels, but with black text on a white background.
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  17. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  18. Janilyn

    Janilyn Registered Guest

    Hi All~

    New here with several labels (about 50 or so) to add to the resources. I have been collecting these and have been meaning to add them for over 4 yrs now. Sorry~Better late than never! If I am not doing this right, please let me know....This first one is a custom label designed by Edie from her wardrobe collection. (Edie Adams, 1927 - 2008). Her main designer was James Galanos but she also loved to re create things and started a line of her own in her later years called EDIAD and also Bonham. Many of the labels I will be providing come from her private wardrobe collection that can be seen in my online store. The Bonham label is taken from a 1950's silk blouse and the EDIAD from a 1960 gown that she wore on stage. More information about her can be provided for the bio if needed~
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  19. Janilyn

    Janilyn Registered Guest

    Here are a few more. I will do them in groups alpha order which seems to be the best way.

    Abella - 1960 Dress
    B. Cohen - 1960 Caftan
    Bains Las Vegas - 1960 Dress
    Beramelda Beverly Hills - 1960 Dress & Coat
    Bettina - 1960 Dress Coat
    Bob Cunningham - 1970 Caftan
    Brocks - 1960 Dress
    Brooks Costume - 1950 Edie's Bathing Suit

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  20. Janilyn

    Janilyn Registered Guest

    Casadei - 1980 Dress
    Dellarossa - 1960 Dress
    Fanee - 1950 Dress
    Gianfranco (Miss Bergdorf) 1980 Leather jacket
    Fred Hayman - 1960 Beaded Dress
    Giorgio Beverly Hills - 1960 Edie Dress
    Gracette - 1940 Dress
    Eleanor Green - 1950 Dress
    Helft's Beverly Hills - 1950 Blouse (Owned by Ann Miller)
    House of Shroyers - 1930 Dress

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