Suit Up for the Holidays: Classic Tuxedos ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of December 19th

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    Suit Up for the Holidays: Classic Tuxedos and More!

    From the classic, elegant black and white of a vintage tuxedo, to the feminine version--a fancy pantsuit--this week we feature formal wear that wears the pants! Don't forget the accessories to go with, too. Show us your men's tuxes, tailcoats & velvet suits, and ladies trouser suits in more formal fabrics (think velvet, satin or fine wool, for example). Top off the look with: top hats, studs & cuff links, and tuxedo shirts in simple, pleated styles or the fabulous, ruffled varieties. Tuxedo-styled skirt suits or dresses are welcome as are tucked, ruffled or pleated ladies' blouses to pair with these suits.

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    we LOVE when vintage comes with it's own date! this has a hand written date of October 25th, 1938 (and was subsequently crossed out at some time).

    coming to our shop next week once we get it measured.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    These white tails are from the 70s (and also coming soon). The silver cravat is available in our shop now, either with a pearl button, or a covered stud.



    We also have silver satin bow ties in our shop now, as well as this wing tip collar tux shirt. This brocade vest will be coming to our Less Than Perfect shop next week, too.

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