Suspended mannequin?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been trying to find a female torso (neck to thigh) mannequin that instead of being supported by a pole underneath, is suspended from a pole that connects to a link at the neck. I've seen them in a few other vintage reseller's images but I am having no luck searching for them. Is there a certain name for this type of mannequin, or does anyone know where to find them? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Search Vintage Wolfe Split Leg Dress Form Mannequin and you will locate some.
  3. kittenteethvintage

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    Thanks for the help! Yes- those do look similar to the ones I've seen. A bit spendy though, did not realize they were a vintage style. Should have suspected... :)

    If anyone knows of a modern/less pricey equivalent model that would be amazing!
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  4. I have seen several in the new mannequin and display catalogs. Such as Store Supply etc
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  5. I saw a few mannequins when some of the department stores (Bonton) were closing that were Gloria Vanderbilt suspended mannequins but those were waist to feet. I almost brought one home, but it came with a metal frame contraption that I didn't know if I would have room for. Hope you found what you were looking for
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