Tell Me About These Gay Gibsons.

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  1. They both have the same label and I'm thinking 60s but tell me if am wrong. Here is the first one. Nubby cotton material.<br><br><center><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br></center>They both have this label.<br><br><center><img src=><br><br></center>And here is the other one. Would this be a scooter dress?<br><br><center><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br><img src=><br><br></center>Lots of red, huh? Any title ideas or info will be appreciated. TIA
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    The first one seems to be the earlier one...belts like that were pretty much gone by the time the dropped waist & wide mod belts came along in....oh, 65-66.

    The second one seems 67-ish right before hems went sky high...or at least high enough to chant, " I see Paris...I see France....."

    I thought I knew what a skooter skirt was until some recent I'm confused.

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    Those remind me of <i>That Girl</i> dresses, which aired from 66 to 71.
  4. Thanks for the dates. Think I have a pic of That Girl around here somewhere.

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