Tell me alllll about this dress please!!:)

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  1. Into the void

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    I need to know everything you can tell me about this dress. I am absolutely obsessed with it. I’m selling it because I’d need a girdle to nip in my rib cage and I have no events to go to or do I have room in my closet so she must go☹️ She’s a vibrant shade of electric teal and super heavy weighted fabric but I’m not sure what type of fabric, I might have to do a burn test. Anything you can tell me about it would be amazing. Would it be considered a circle dress? Any term more specific? Type of dress/occasion it would be worn, picture examples term for the bust pleats term for the daggered accent on the collar what era it is from specifically....Anything you can tell me really! I think it’s 50s but I’d like you to help me go deeper with it . There are no shoulder pads the skirt is super full and pleated and no labels to be found! The fabric has a slight lumanance to it also. I’m so head over heels for it so I must know everything!!!

    Thanks I’m advance!

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  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    Although the style is reminiscent of some 1950s or early 60s dresses, (for example the high waist and the look of the fabric) something about this makes me feel it might be more contemporary. Love the color, and it is really beautiful. But I hope it is vintage as it really is lovely.

    It does not look full enough to be considered a circle skirted dress.

    Does the dress actually button up the front or are there other closures? May we also see the hem and perhaps a seam? And is the dress lined?
  3. Into the void

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    Hey! I thought it was 50s only because I got it from a garage sale of a lady who passed and she had a bunch of stuff from 50s 60s etc. no shoulder pads but here are some seams I can get you better pics when I get back but that’s all I have right now . I think it’s homemade also. And the buttons are the only closures but I will re-examine e when I get home
    Thanks for your help!:)

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  4. bycinbyhand

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  5. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    The close ups of the fabric help so thank you. You described the fabric as "super heavy weighted" but in the photos it does not look heavy or thick. I was hoping it might be a heavyweight and somewhat stiff fabric like a suit fabric or light coat fabric, which might indicate it was an earlier (50s 60s) garment. But in your photos it looks much lighter than that. More contemporary. However, it almost looks like a faille weave, which would give the fabric some structure and faille is a more vintage fabric as well.

    I did think the armholes looked very 80s, deep and wide as they are. So, Cin might be right. It would help to handle the fabric and dress, but of course that is impossible here.
  6. Into the void

    Into the void Registered Guest

    Thanks everyone! It’s very thick heavy weighted fabric which is why I didn’t think it was a repro. I steamed it out and it has a lot of structure to it. The 80s did cross my
    Mind before I posted it but all her clothing was from 40s 50s and 60s mostly and since the fabric is so heavy duty it made me think older. Either way I’m super stoked about it! So what would you call this dress? Is there a term? Also the neckline is plunging but is there any more specific term? Thanks again all!!!
  7. themerchantsofvintage

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    Is there a bit of glitter to the face of the fabric?
    That’s what I’m seeing. The fabric reminds me a couple of boxy day outfits I have (somewhere in storage..) that are early 60s. The fabric is weighty and has a mild glitter.

    The style certainly looks 50s to me.
  8. bycinbyhand

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  9. Linn

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    The style and the color look 1950's to me, too.
  10. Sweetmore

    Sweetmore Registered Guest

    I am going to have to go with early 60's handmade, or retro handmade, as the cut of the dress and especially the deep "V" front is not as conservative as the vintage 50's styles in my opinion. Ladies did not show that much bust and everyone wanted to look like a proper American, conformity, and look the same more or less in the 50's. This was the "cold war era" but late 50's to 60's things started to shake up more. The high waist and collar are fitting as well as the hour-glass shape. I love the dress, the color, darting and shape. A great find I say and looks great! Awesome.
  11. bycinbyhand

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    I never go by what else was at the sale to date something. I feel, still and from the construction and fabric, that this is 80s. If I were holding it, I might just jump on the 50s bandwagon. I just cannot yet.
  12. Vinclothes

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    I also think it probably had a modesty panel. Look inside the front bodice and you may be able to see threads where one was attached. And if you are really lucky there may be a bit of it still attached.

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