The Arabian Nights of August ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of August 7th

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    This parade begins a story, not unlike the One Thousand And One Nights folk tales. . . . in one of which is the story of Scheherazade . . .

    Scheherazade, the vizier's daughter, offers herself as the next bride to a Persian King who -- how shall we put it -- has a reputation for "disposing" of his wives, one after another; and her father reluctantly agrees. On the night of their marriage, Scheherazade begins to tell the king a tale, but does not end it. The king, curious about how the story ends, is thus forced to postpone her execution in order to hear the conclusion. The next night, as soon as she finishes the tale, she begins a new one, and the king, eager to hear the conclusion of this tale, postpones her execution once again. So it goes -- for 1,001 nights.

    Let the imagination of mysterious, romantic nights overtake this parade! Exotic, fanciful and beautiful items suggesting far away places in the Middle East evoke the aura of this theme: such as, embroidered silks, sheers, chiffons & cottons, caftans, scarfs & wraps for men & women alike. Jewel-studded accessories, desert sandals, bracelets and rings that shine in the moonlight will be welcome. Harem pants, body jewelry, vanity items, turbans and veiled head wear will excite us and fan the flames of fantasy for these 7 nights!

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    You know I love fancy dress costume patterns... and I just got a huge lot in recently! So here's a few to match the theme if you want to dress up as Sheherezade, Jasmine, the sultan, Aladdin or...
    Burda 5239 - 1990 unisex oriental costume pattern, S M L, uncut
    I love the combo on the left - so elegant, you could wear this for real, not just as a costume!

    Burda 4944 - 1991 pattern, kids/teen sizes 10-16, unopened

    Burda 3836 - 1995, interesting pant dress cut! XS S M L, unopened
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    All from my SOLD archives

    1970s cotton and lurex blouse by Nirvana

    1960s home-stitched coin vest

    1970s plastic bead vest, Made in Italy
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    Personal Collection: Urie F. Mandel Dagger; Des. Patent 1946
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    Wow. Some really cool stuff in this parade!

    p.s. kind of in love with those harem pants, Carla!
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    Thank you! they are voluminous!
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