The Correct Foundation Garments to wear under 1950's Dresses

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    The Correct Foundation Garments to wear under 1950\'s Dresses

    If you've ever purchased a vintage dress and wondered why it doesn't fit correctly, maybe you're not wearing the proper foundation garments. Prior to the late 1960's, clothing was styled and cut with the understanding that women would be wearing girdles and shapers underneath.

    This week on the Couture Allure Blog, I've been doing a series with photos from a 1958 fashion magazine about the correct foundation garments to wear with different styles that were popular at the time. Check it out!
  2. crinolinegirl

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    THANK YOU!!!

    This is something i've been meaning to do for C&C Tidbits as well. I'm so sick of people wondering why something doesn't fit when their wearing saggy bras and stretched out underpants!
  3. bartondoll

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    Excellent articles Jody! Thank you so much!

  4. wyomingvintage

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    LOL so well put crinolinegirl!

    Excellent information thanks for sharing.
  5. avamac

    avamac Alumni cool; I forwarded it to my shop; nobody but my tailor 'gets it'.
  6. amandainvermont

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    Oof - I sure remember tugging those girdles on - and my tummy pushing over the top a little. My sister had kind of a waist cinch for full skirts in the early 50's.

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