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    Excited to introduce my latest project! THE FASHION MAP is an online resource calendar for fashion & textile events around the world. You can use the interactive calendar to plan your research trips, vacations, as well as to learn about events happening within your region. Listings include all essential event information including description, venue, location, and dates. Calendar content is easier to view from a laptop/desktop vs. a cell phone because of the nature of the calendar layout.

    I am in the process of adding fashion & textile events to the calendar database including:
    * Exhibitions
    * Fashion Week
    * Fashion Show
    * Fashion Film Festival
    * Fashion College Event
    * Organization symposium/conference
    * Apparel & Textile Trade Show
    * Fair Trade Event
    * Sustainable Fashion
    * Fashion Auction

    If your organization is interested in listing your fashion exhibition/event to THE FASHION MAP, it's very easy! Submit the required information per the website instructions. (All entries are subject to review & approval for quality control.) Stay tuned for opportunities to add supplemental event information & partnership options as THE FASHION MAP community grows.

    I appreciate any feedback as you navigate through the website. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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    Thanks so much,
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    That's great Lotta!!
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    Thanks so much!
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    What a wonderful idea Lotta!
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    Thank you!! Please help spread the word :)
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    Thank you!
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    Wow, that is just fabulous.

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