The most fabulous Moschino jacket

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    I have already posted this on Instagram, but hadn't got around to show it here. On my trip over new years' to Vienna, my best friend and I did our usual round of the secondhand shops, and this time I got lucky at Bootik 54. We used to go there because they had fun retro t-shirts, retro bags, Barbapapa stuff and other cartoon/manga stuff. Over the years they've expanded their vintage/secondhand offerings a lot, but it's more geared toward whatever is trending with hipsters and they also sell reworked vintage (mostly 70s/80s "secretary" dresses - clearly marked as reworked vintage). So I do not always find something there, but this time I was lucky indeed! This jacket hung a little hidden away in their "back room" where they have tons of vintage leather jackets and dirndlsmon the racks, but there was now also a rack full of glitzy 80s/90s evening wear items, and at the end of that, I fished out this, drawn by what I could see of the print:

    Moschino1.jpg Moschino2.jpg moschino3.jpg Moschino4.jpg moschino5.jpg
    How fun is that? The years of the fashion drawings range from 1921 until 1997, with a few gaps in between. The last one from the 90s seem to be Moschino designs.
    And 1983 is none other than Olive Oyl :hysterical:!
    moschino7.jpg Moschino8.jpg
    Since the last date in the drawings is 1997, I am guessing it is from around then, the labels also look modern enough and I think the shape is right too - it is quite fitted, but also quite long, with light shoulder pads. It's cotton velvet, and in excellent condition.

    The tag it had indicated that the jacket was part of a set, but the shop assistant went to have a look and then said she was sorry, the dress it had come with had apparently been sold separately. Too bad, but I also got the jacket for less than indicated on the price tag - for all of 59 Euros! What a steal...

    It fits me perfectly, and I'm totally in love with it! I might wear it tomorrow... got to do a presentation at a consumer show, and our "corporate uniform" is all black. We used to have scarves in company colors, but the men always balked at wearing them. And now they've done away with those too. I do like black, but not all black from head to toe - gives me the heebie jeebies to be honest. I might just liven things up a little with this beauty :).
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    Oh I love that, it is very fun! The fashion time line is not the most accurate, but that is not the point, I think. I mean, look at 1983. Its Olive Oyl, with a skirt skimming her ankles!!

    That is really adorable.
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    What a fun score, Karin!
  4. northstarvintage

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    Love it! If you wear it I hope you’ll take a photo.
  5. poppysvintageclothing

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    Moschino makes the best jackets. I love it!
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    Terrific jacket! And what Susan said: Please post a photo of you bringing it to life!
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    I must admit that I am completely jealous that you go off to Vienna like I go to the post office. I literally can drive hours and never leave my province (Ontario).

    Also, I have NEVER heard of drindl or loden cloth. So beautiful!
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    Wow! Amazing jacket Karin! :clapping:
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    Well, I'm back from Berne and my first presentation, and I wore the jacket! With these convention centers you never know if it's going to be on the colder or warmer side. I've spent half a days freezing in there back when we all had to wear white blouses. Now as we have to wear all black, but no matter what (except jeans), one can at least add a jacket for warmth. It was okay this time. I had the last presentation of the afternoon, and it was pretty much full, but after that, the number of visitors at our stand really started to dwindle down, so I didn't stay til the end. It's still a bit over an hour to get home, and those Sunday evening trains are always packed, especially if you get the one coming from Brig (which always seems to be the case with me!), with all the people returning from a day's skiing, a ski holiday - or even today's ski race.

    This is just a quick and dirty shot from my bedroom mirror.

    And one from the show.

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