The Text Big Thing VFG Fashion Parade for the week of July 8th

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    The Text Big Thing

    Texting is big.

    No, not the kind you have to do with your thumbs silly, the kind you wear! Whether a bold slogan worn across your chest, delicate initial pins, a textile that features letters and numbers, or a brand name worn on the outside, text sends messages.

    For this week’s fashion parade? We consulted our textbook to put the text trend in context with our vintage versions.
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  9. NOS 1960s cotton large size blouse with a novelty print of coffee pots and writing. Espresso and more

    60s vintage shirt, cotton,coffee pots,writing,large,anothertimevintageapparel.jpg

    Available in my retail store inside Mad Moon Marketplace in Red Lion PA
    610 850 1456
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    Me too...I love the items everyone is coming up with!

    Shout out to the Site Committee's Francis @Marzilli_Vintage for the idea! :USETHUMBUP:
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